Thursday, September 23, 2010

ok ok ok.

Well, I'm playing games again. Already.

At the very least, I am owning up to them, and coming back here and continuing to sign into even though this morning I didn't want to.

I made a meal plan yesterday afternoon. I stuck to it through lunch, but fell off plan when a friend tempted me into Happy Hour with a gift certificate. Free? Can't pass up free, right?

That's not true. You can totally pass up free. I used to pass up free, but it's a little harder now with less motivation.

So, I drank some sake. And I ate some beef jerky. Oops.

Then I had some wine, which I planned for.

And then I was convinced I wanted tacos (which was true, I wanted them) and had a margarita and some tacos. I was offered a second margarita (TWO FOR ONES) and had 2 sips and asked her to take it away. I also ate about an entire basket of chips.


So, I don't even know how to track how many chips I had, so I've just decided I have no flex points left, which definitely doesn't work for this weekend at all. I have a board meeting tonight, and there are always cupcakes there. I will turn them down. This is promise - to myself, and now to you.

Tomorrow night I am going to a fashion show where there will be free wine. Need to think of a good plan for this.

Saturday is a good friend's birthday. I need a plan for this.

Sunday is the beginning of a new week. I just need to make it through these hurdles and start all over.

The easy thing to do would be get in some activity points. That's what I always did, but the fact of the matter is that this week, I simply do not have time. I'm not overexagerating either. I have been working nonstop and then running around doing all the other things I have to do and inbetween I have been fitting in very small bouts of date time with my manpanion. That date time is generally spent biking, so that's a little something, but it's my mode of transportation and doesn't really count as exercise.

Next on my to-do list (next week) is to re-join the YWCA. I need to be back in a gym, but I want to start on a week that I can actually go. That is not this week.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to plan for life?

Suggestions for how to stay on plan through a friend's birthday party? Eeeeek.


jen said...

Not that I'm trying to help you play games, but: 12 chips is 3 points. How many chips could a basket potentially hold? Maybe 3 servings? It's possible that you could still have about half your weekly points left.

One glass of wine is 2 points. So if you sip, you can have your wine and not go over.

Karen (Hello Gorgeous) said...

Don't wait till Sunday to start over. You can start over every minute of your life. You can start over right this minute. Just do your very best on the days that you can avoid temptations (i.e. today and tomorrow), and then enjoy Saturday's birthday party but enjoy it in moderation. Have one cupcake, not two. Have a piece of cake, not two. Avoid all the food that is obviously greasy or loaded with calories. And have one drink, not two. Or if there are several things you want to eat, have a small piece of each, not an entire piece or big portion.
Don't throw away today and tomorrow.

nic said...

Oh I wasn't planning to throw them away, that's the whole point. I need to figure out how to stay EXACTLY on point for 2 challenging days until my week starts over.

Mary (A Merry Life) said...

I agree with Karen's comment. Start over immediately!

Also, for the friend's party... just realize YOU are in control. YOU get to choose what you are going to eat. No one there is going to force you to eat anything or dislike you if you skip cake or only eat half a portion of something. Pick the healthy foods or smaller portions of what you want and focus less on the food and more on having fun. Enjoy it!