Sunday, September 19, 2010

morning plans.

It's late September here in Minnesota, which means the chill hits you when you flip back the covers in the morning. I've had a particularly long week full of overtime at work, annoying conversations and saying "no" to a lot of enticing offers to go out in order to stick to my budget and my meal plan.

I'm sitting in bed, wearing my Snuggie as a robe and the covers pulled up to my lap while I wait to hear the kettle whistle letting me know that my oats will be ready in mere moments... because it's late September here in Minnesota... which means I'm going through my annual "GIMME CARBS" phase of eating.

But oatmeal is a smart choice.

I stayed in last night because I was working until 10:30pm on a few projects that need to be finished by the end of the month, which also explains the overtime at work, and will explain it moving forward when I keep talking about how I was working until 10pm or 11pm or until I should be getting up the next day but never slept because I was working all night. I'm burned out on it, but I need the paycheck. I've been quietly and patiently looking for a new position that will feed my interests a bit more; I've been at this job for 6 years and while I still love the idea of it, I'm no longer challenged, or really even all that enthused by it any longer.

Mornings are my favorite time of day, especially now when it's just a little bit colder and it makes staying under the covers feel like the ultimate indulgence. It somehow feels a little easier to enjoy the simple things, which makes the tiniest thing feel like a reward.

It's Sunday, which means it's the beginning of my Weight Watchers week now. When I moved to online only I decided Sunday would be a great weigh in day for me. It forces me to continue healthy habits on Friday and Saturday and not play that "I still have 4-5 days to make up for it" game. I'd rather just stay on track as often as possible, create the habits that need to be created.

But it's Sunday, so I just weighed myself. It's the first time I've weighed myself in months. This morning I was finally feeling ready.

I officially report that I'm at 164.0lbs. That's quite the gain from my lowest weight, but I'm accepting myself where I am, because there is no point in thinking any other way. This is what I weigh. No matter how much I fret or curse it, it's still a fact, so there's no point to do that. I weigh one-hundred-sixty-four pounds.

I have 25lbs to lose now. I'm breaking that down to 5lb goals so that it seems less impossible. I'm also well aware it's not impossible, because this is weight I've already lost, I just regained it and need to lose it again, so there.

This morning I am treating myself to a trip to the St. Paul Farmer's Market. This is the best time of year to go to the market for produce. The crop is more varied and a lot of the root vegetables are ready to go. Perfect for roasting and crockpots and hearty meals. I love the St. Paul Farmer's Market the most because they require all vendors be from within 100 miles. The Minneapolis Farmers Market allows re-sellers and I can sometimes be confused by who's who and where are they from and is this produce really local? That's an easy question to answer when you see bananas and pineapple at someone's stand. We don't really grow those things here in the midwest. I prefer STP because it takes ALL of the guess work out of it. I can easily spend my money the way I intended and not have to search.

Do you have a farmer's market in your town?


Minneapolis Farmers Market said...

Hi Nic:
This year, we've made it much easier to ID the four resellers. Each has an overhead sign clearly labelled ("Lic. reseller"). We know that people want their bananas & mangoes. Mind you, its still hard to pick which of the 200 local growers to buy from...but that's a good problem.

seeglamdiet said...

welcome back to blogging!

we have a few sparse farmers markets in our neck of the woods, which is really disappointing because i am surrounded by farms. i have heard of a few farmers markets in a the counties next to me so. i might venture out to see what i can score.

California Girl! said...

I know we have a farmer's market but I never go...thnx for reminding me that I need to. I also have hardly any money so I can't often go no matter how cheap it might be haha. It's also hard to find good veggie you have any u can post up?

Tiffany said...

I love our Farmer's Market in town. Twice a week I can hit it up. Being in central California we have lots of summer fruits...peaches, cherries, strawberries etc. This year I also planted tomatoes and peppers so that helped keep the produce flowing in our house. It will be interesting to see what happens as fall and winter set in. Now you've got me excited for Thursday's Market ☺