Monday, September 20, 2010

cook cook cookies.

I spent my entire day cooking after I headed out to the Farmer's Market yesterday.

I roasted: beets, leeks, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, onions.

I prepared a 5lb pork roast and roasted that up with potatoes, yams, carrots and onions.

I also turned those roasted brussel sprouts into my favorite breakfast/brinner hash with turkey bacon and potatoes.

I had two girlfriends over for some social time while I did the dishes and we had some wine and played in my closet.

I ended the day with 12 points remaining because when you're handling food all day you don't get too hungry.

I ate yogurt with granola for dinner because granola is one of my favorite foods but it's usually not worth the points involved. It felt like dessert for dinner and it was indulgent.

I also went on a mini walk yesterday, which in the gorgeous weather felt like a treat.

It was a great start to my Weight Watchers week. I have a fridge full of awesome WW-friendly food and I am prepared!

How do you ready yourself for the week ahead?


Kassie said...

Normally, I cook one big piece of meat on the weekend that I can use for sandwiches and other meals. Like cook a pork shoulder and use it for sandwiches, in a stir fry, and as tacos. But life isn't normal anymore. And I can't eat the same thing over and over in a week. So I have to rethink and come up with a new plan, one that doesn't involve takeout and supermarket sushi every day.

Lor said...

i'm currently on a struggle with the portion-devil, and since the boy lit our kitchen on fire [read: oil fire in which he caught his hand and is now seeing a burn specialist at our local burn unit once a week], we're off cooking. i'll boil water for wheat noodles, but that's about all she route for now. i make sure i've got enough lean cuisines for the week for lunches, enough fruit + veggies for snacks at work, and enough chicken breasts and spices to make variously-flavored baked chicken breasts throughout the week, with sides of brown rice, wheat pasta, or canned veggies via microwave. =) you're doing good, girl! I AM SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK! xoxoxox

nic said...

Kassie: Single cooking is a lot different. I agree.

I usually decide on 2 meals, and make those and alternate them every other day for the week. It's not that exciting, but it keeps me on plan.

Lor: totally. Sorry to hear about your man.

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Typically, I plan my weeks meals in advance (at least for lunch & dinner), grocery shop, and prep food ahead as much as Ican so its things are "grab and go" for the most part during the week.

ohhai said...

Sunday is always my big grocery shopping day.

I'm hoping to switch from buying a bunch of frozen meals for lunches for the week to going to the farmers market and preparing better meals with fresh produce for my lunches at work from now until the markets shut down for the season.