Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trouble Trouble Trouble.

It seems some of my dear readers did, in fact, hold out to see if I'd come back. I suppose it's predictable, this journey is never over and I talk way too much for someone who would just "quit" a blog.

I'm glad you're still here.

I haven't made any great strides or progress. I did start to get concerned with the fact that I had also "quit" running, and made my triumphant return on Saturday morning. By triumphant I mean lame. By lame I mean slower than I should be. By slow I also mean short. By trouble in the title I mean I have a 10 mile race at the end of September and I can currently complete 4 miles in a somewhat-decent time.

I have a lot of work to do.

On the food front, I cancelled a date last night and had a girlfriend over for dinner instead. We made roasted chicken, balsamic beets, broiled polenta and a HUGE salad with almonds and crisp peppers. It was oh-so-delicious and REAL. All real food. It pleased me to see a plate full of things that were not of convenience, but simply tasteful.

I won't mention that we also downed 2 bottles of wine, because that would defeat my point about being so good with the food.

It felt great to eat and catch up on all the goings-on. There are a lot of goings-on by the way, but we'll get in to those as they accidentally spill out over the course of our time together on this here blog.

In the meantime, I'd really like to hear about great Summer Salad recipes. Anything you've got. Let's hear 'em.


jennifer said...

my fave summer salad is a twist on this recipe from allrecipes.com: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/BLT-Salad-with-Basil-Mayo-Dressing/Detail.aspx

i always use real bacon (because really.. there's no substitute).. but i do opt for the center cut since the fat content is lower. but i use light mayo, and i bake the croutons in the oven, tossed with a little bit of evoo, salt and pepper.. i also cut the dressing recipe in half, as i never end up using it all.

it is soooooo delicious. i hope you try it!

Heidi said...

welcome back, lady!