Thursday, August 5, 2010


It's been a little less than 8 months since my big life-changing move. In those 8 months I've drastically sucked at working out, restarted some horrible eating habits and managed to gain 20 pounds.

It's frustrating, to say the least, but I have grown (less in the literal sense) vastly during this time.

We go through waves where putting ourselves first means being the healthiest we can be, and putting ourselves first as means of sedating. I've been sedating, and celebrating, and reworking and growing.

I managed to grocery shop and have prepared many of my own meals in the last week. I haven't been focusing on THE healthiest choices, but I have been practicing portion control - something I've really let get away over the last year. Not only does this rule for practicing habits, but it rules because the food I bought will last longer - which is a good thing because I'm poor.

I feel like I may be ready to begin tracking my food intake again. This is something I will go balls-out on for 2-3 days and then quit the second I "mess" something up. When I get back in to it, I want to be dedicated, and I know this is not the right time to start. Portion control will continue to be the focus for the next week.

With a cluttered social calendar, it can be difficult to plan ahead, but I'm managing. This is why the PC is so important. I've been eating out for dinner most nights, but always asking for a box at the beginning of the meal. I find that when my food is out of sight, it is also mostly out of mind. Plus, leftovers.

Boys have been stealing my sleep, so I also need to learn to knock that off too. Not boys, but staying up late, specifically with boys. So maybe boys.


Hello Gorgeous said...

Hi Nic, I used to blog at Dream Healthy & Healthy and Bella and like you I've gained a lot in the past months due to poor stress coping habits while I was finishing up graduate school.
I just restarted WW the other day and have made this new blog ( to document my weight loss efforts. Like you, the past few times I've done WW I would track a few days and then mess up and then making less of an effort because it didn't matter any more anyway. I really want to do things differently this time.
I hope you remember me. Would love fpr us to support each other again.

Rusty Brown ;-) said...

Nic! Glad to see you're back. :)