Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Follow Through.

Follow through. I have very little of it right now. I keep promising myself things and not doing them. I have made social outings my main priority. I've been having a lot of fun; so much so that it feels worth the fact that my jeans are cutting across my stomach right now.

It's April 13th and I can't believe I haven't been talking more about the #30daysofbiking effort I'm a part of. You can follow it here: http://30daysofbiking.com

I had a great workout last night. I met "other Nicole" for Circuit Training class at the gym. After biking more than 60 miles this weekend, my legs were ready to explode, but I powered through. I feel accomplished.

The one thing I am struggling with right now is food choices. It feels great to be able to say, and literally mean, that is the only thing I'm struggling with right now. 95% of my life is complete and total awesomeness currently. That 5% represents my current weight gain and struggles to climb back out of a food rut. I've been eating out a lot and making poor choices while doing so.

Hopefully, the fact that I dragged my ass back to the gym after feeling defeated for being absent for so long will be a big driving factor for recovery. I picked up some good breakfast and lunch options at the co-op last night. I have been trying to eat mostly frozen meals for dinners at home so that I can keep portion control in check and not have to work too hard to make a decision or actually make the dinner.

It is raining hard here in Minneapolis. Thunder and lightning are dancing outside my window. This means it will be a slow day at the office. Something feels right about this. It feels romantic. It feels intentional.

It's a great day to be overly productive and drink too much coffee.


Jackie said...

Good for you, getting back to the gym. I sooooo need to do that too. I have an appt. with a personal trainer this week so maybe that will be the kick in the butt I need!!

Rebecca said...

Food is difficult period, if it weren't the majority of us wouldn't be overweight.

Hua said...

Hey Nic,

I'm sure you'll conquer food. Your progress has been so awesome thus far that I know you'll continue to do great things.

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