Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whoops... sort of.

I skipped my Weight Watchers meeting (again) yesterday in favor of walking around Lake of the Isles with a girlfriend and making dinner at her apartment. I feel it was a better choice. I'm starting to question whether switching to meetings was a good plan for me.

I know I am definitely not OP right now. I'm not tracking, but I'm eating well for the most part. I have been feeding a peanut butter craving for a week now, but in reasonable amounts and simple building meals around it. Peanut butter is a life source.

This is a predicament however, because you must be a meetings attendee to become a leader once you have reached goal weight. This frustrates me, but I totally understand that you must first know the culture and the working ways of meetings to become and effective leader.

My new plan is to switch back to online only for a month or two. Now that I have successfully shed most things that were causing the most stress, I think losing (when I actually commit) will be much more simple.

I have also decided to quit my gym, The Firm. I joined The Firm in October, firmly needing a swift kick in the ass. It gave me the motivation I needed to be excited about cardio again. It served its purpose and I no longer need it. I am interested in switching BACK to the YWCA for the benefits that I didn't feel were necessary prior to the switch, but that I now crave. These include a gigantic indoor track and a lap pool.

I got back on my bike and I haven't looked back. In fact, lately, I have been saying that every day has been "the best day ever." It's going to start to sound cliche, but honestly, each day keeps getting better than the one that came before it. I am falling back in to myself which is ultimately the most exciting thing ever.

You all know that Jessica is my best friend ever in the world, (BFEITW) and while we were out the other night we had a short but super meaningful [to me] conversation about my epic return to nicoleness. I realize now how captive I had been kept and kept myself, I completely lost me, but I'm coming back.

Speaking of being out, and being awesome, here is what we did the other night.

#bikegangride with bunches of friends. That's me in the front.

Video of said awesomeness. (That's my butt with the yellow belt)

But here is an example of "being back." Standing outside of Busters on 28th, a super delicious bar near a super delicious bike shop, I got the sudden urge to do a cartwheel. The sidewalk was wide open and had obviously been swept recently. I walked up to my new friend Zach and said "So, how do you feel about cartwheels?" From there, we did many many cartwheels, in front of a bar with a very large picture window. It was the most fun I've had in many years and I was delighted to see someone caught it on video.

8 comments: said...

:D Woot for feeling like the best version of yourself!

takinitoff said...

any reason you do YWCA instead of YMCA? I'd love somebody to swim laps with at the YMCA! :) --adrienne

takinitoff said...

PS - I really wanna ride my bike to work, but i'm scared to ride on the streets downtown. give me tips and tricks :) --adrienne

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Congrats on feeling like YOU again! That's a big thing & makes all the little things so much easier... at least that's how it is for me. :)

totegirl said...

I SO WANT TO DO A CARTWHEEL ALL THE DAMN TIME! But I have never done one. Fuck.

Anyway, YAY! How'd you get here so fast? It's taken me forever! But, I am glad to see it, and I'm happy to see you having fun!

Missy said...

Sounds like you know yourself well - and you know what you need to continue pursuing a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. Good for you!

bethsjourney said...

That's awesome! It must feel great to be back to yourself!

Glam said...

Woooo! Love the impromptu cartwheels! Do the damn thing, girl! I love that you just bust 'em out when you feel like it.