Sunday, March 14, 2010

Out of the Loop

I've fallen off the map for a couple days. I've been distracted by something (or someone(s)) and for some reason hadn't even touched Blogger in a matter of days.

I'm all caught up on your blogs now and while I wish I had some sort of exciting news, weight loss tips or a full report on an amazing thing I did this week - everything I've been up to has been somewhat super secret and I fear my tendency to overshare would lead to poor repercussions on my part.

Know that I'm well, excited, and big things could potentially be coming (for me, not necessarily for you, but you can celebrate with me!)

I'm headed up to Duluth today to see my brother. He plays (music) during brunch at a restaurant where we both used to work and I'll be singing a couple songs will him, visiting with some of our friends and then heading to Gooseberry Falls for a nice long foggy walk with my ipod and Mother Nature.

I love Duluth in March. Things have thawed just enough for it to look like a city straight out of the old black and white industrial photographs. It's just gorgeous.

5 comments: said...

Hope you have a great day!!

i know, it's just starting to smell like mud!! i love spring!

Ann said...

Have fun in Duluth! Can't wait to share your exciting news!!!

Lor said...

have fun! and for the love of JEEBUS, girl!! why are you leaving us hanging!?!?!? LOL. it's strange how reading your blog makes me feel like, aw hell, i don't know, like i KNOW you. like i SEE you a few times a week or something. that sounds outright strange when i type it, but yeah. have tons of fun and i can't wait to hear what this exciting news is! all i know is you deserve some smiles and awesome things because you're awesome and stuff. have fun and cant wait to hear whats up!

Angie @ Real Food, Real Faith said...

SO FUN. A friend of mine went there on Monday and it was definitely foggy, but still gorgeous. I will definitely make that an annual trip. Hope you had fun!

Missy said...

Have fun in Duluth! It's been way too long since I've been there!