Monday, March 22, 2010

Hall and Oates Make a Comeback - in my Living Room

Oh ladies.

(and like... two gentlemen)

I am smitten with the single lifestyle. I'm also WORRIED about the single lifestyle. At the rate I'm going, I'm moving more, but definitely not eating less. How in the world do people date and stay fit? I've been out to eat like 800 times in the last 4 days and I have been to the gym once.

Granted I'm back in the saddle with my bike and I've traveled many miles, but it is in NO way canceling out the damage I'm doing at the table.

I refuse to be that girl who orders a salad on a date.

What do I do!?!


Tiffany said...

What's wrong with ordering a salad? If you truly enjoy salad and that's what you want to eat...go for it. Yes eating out offers more temptation than if you eat at home, but plan ahead. Eat less earlier in the day if you must. You can do it. Make the smartest possible choices you can. Happy riding, happy dating. Enjoy life!

totegirl said...

You'll get back into eating well in no time. Believe me, you will start to feel shitty if you don't!

Have fun! Riding your bike and moving a lot WILL take care of a lot of it. I am eating like shit, drinking heavily, but moving a lot, and I'm maintaining. Wish I had started maintaining after getting to goal, not 6 lbs away!! Hahaha!

Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin said...

just plan ahead and eat lighter through the day on nights you have dates. or, have a snack before you go so you're not ravenous!

Lor said...

go back to the eating out strategies! words like grilled and broiled, broth-based soups! smaller portions! box up half the meal before you get it! eat lighter throughout the day when you know you have a date!

my mom (who eats out with her other widowed and otherwise-single lady friends) orders a salad and asks for a grilled chicken breast and makes her own salad, and orders vegetable soup or something. there are also a lot of restaurants who offer catfish and stuff on the weekends -- most can broil or grill, you can always go for steaks and just eat half or so, etc.

i have a girlfriend who LOVES the single life, too, and while she's dating a guy right now, she says over and again that her bed is her bed and her apartment is her apartment, and she doesn't want him moving in EVER. lol. she said she could be married and live alone simultaneously LOL glad you're doing well, girl! just do the best you can and make as best decisions as you can and you'll be AOK!

Jessitracker said...

Don't be embarrassed to eat healthy when you are out!

99% of the time there is always an option that isn't so bad for you when dining out.

Joe still rolls his eyes sometimes when I ask to have my bun not buttered, dressing on the side, grilled over fried, etc. But, I will take an eye roll over buying a newer/larger summer wardrobe any day.

Stephanie said...

Go to restaurants you don't like! That way you won't eat much of your meal.
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Hua said...

Why don't you try ordering grilled chicken and veggies over a salad. That way you are still eating healthy but it isn't as noticeable as a salad.

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