Monday, March 1, 2010

Fridge Raid!

Since I've moved in to my new place I've had a number of girlfriends over, many of whom are trying to lose weight. For some odd reason, even though I haven't lost anything of significance in a long time, these ladies look to me as a role model in the weight loss world.

I'm not discrediting what I've done in the past. I've certainly been successful. I've lost more than 50 pounds and kept it off for 2 years. I want to lose the last of it, but slow and steady wins the race and I'm not rollercoastering up and down as I have in the past. This is a HUGE accomplishment and should serve as a reminder to those of you who are "stuck" that you've already come so far. Don't give up on yourself.

So, when these girlfriends came over, they took pictures inside of my fridge.

No. I'm not kidding.

I found it odd and off-putting at the time, but I realized... hey.. that's pretty clever. If what I eat or keep in my fridge inspires you in some way, awesome.

Here's a little tour of my fridge.

The fridge.

Pictures of me and my favorite lady, also family and love notes serve as a reminder for WHY I am on this weight loss journey. I have a life and I want to live it in the most healthful and exciting way that I can.

One of my favorite "pick me up and keep me going" quotes.


Top Shelf: Raw chicken breast in tupperware for tonight's dinner. On top of that, leftover polenta (also for tonight). Half a banana from this morning's breakfast, Fage 0% Greek yogurt (two of them) and a multitude of fat free single serve greek yogurts. Organic fat free cottage cheese. Left over black bean and corn salsa with 1/2 an apple in a tupperware on top of it.

Middle Shelf: Herb and Mixed Greens in the big tub, bagged spinach on top of that. Spaghetti sauce in the back, turkey tenderloin leftovers from the "roasting incident" Saturday, tupperware of thawed shrimp, behind that are the rude "roasted" veggies waiting to be made into soup, two little tubs of hummus (one roasted red pepper and one cilantro + jalapeno), carton of rice pudding, 2 cartons of eggs.

Bottom Shelf: wine for my wino habit, chilled water, asparagus, tapioca loaf gluten-free bread, corn tortillas, my work lunchbox which is empty but just chilling in the back, some cilantro, a tube of prepared polenta, Diet Hansen's ginger-ale and a few Diet A&W root beer.

Veg Drawer: red pepper, green pepper, tomato, carrots

Fruit Drawer: 2 grapefruit, mango, 2 apples, honey tangerine, pomegranate seeds

Deli Drawer: two tomatoes, soy cheese, lox, prepped green and red pepper slices, 1/2 a lime?, deli turkey, low fat string cheese

Door: smart balance butter, salsa, blueberry pomegranate applesauce, peach cups, condiments, Light Silk, Green Goodness juice by Bolthouse Farms, egg beaters, Jello Pudding cups, FF redi-whip, beer, more beer, bottled water from the move and a can of Sparks.

Are any of these items weird and worth photographing? They're pretty much staples in my house. What do you keep in your fridge?


Weighting Around said...

Even your fridge is inspiring. I have pretty much the same as well as a huge mustard collection! I love this low cal condiment.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

OMG, I am such a stalker - this was so interesting I actually went back and went through your fridge three separate times!

totegirl said...

I got nothing. I'm going to the grocery store right now! I didn't spot anything weird! I still haven't gotten around to trying that yogurt! How do you eat it?

nic said...

with a spoon.

Rebecca said...

gosh wasnt this the rage just a while ago!?

i remember fridges popping up everyhwere!!!

nic said...

LAME! I'm late on the bandwagon?

She woke up FAT said...

Ha, too funny. I have been reading you here on last twenty for a while and only just today did I see your other blog.
I like your style, it's much like mine. I have jewelry that makes a statement and vintage clothing too!

Nice fridge, looks a little fuller then mine.

The Gals on the Scale said...

Is that PBR in your fridge door?! Love it!

nic said...

Oh yes, PBR for company. It's a "hip" thing here in Minneapolis.

totegirl said...

Haha! I dug that hole and walked right into it! I mean with stuff sprinkled in or just plain. I'm such a food sissy...

nic said...

I usually just eat it with a little honey drizzled for a snack. Or sub it for sour cream on tacos/tortilla style things.

takinitoff said...

it all looks so refreshing! love it! i want that shrimp - stat! :) --adrienne

Missy said...

You have a nice organized, well stocked fridge. I love it!

Lycia said...

Did you start out cooking your own meals? Right now I'm completely overwhelmed at the thought of cooking for myself AND losing weight. I've been living off of smart ones. I would eventually like to switch to a more sustainable diet, less processed and what not... but...AUGH! So daunting.

bethsjourney said...

I LOVE these types of posts!! Look at this one:

Thanks for sharing!