Friday, March 5, 2010

The Challenge (and why this weekend will rule)

Tomorrow morning I am embarking on a challenge. A serious challenge.

So, I've talked to you about my Step instructor, Doug, the one in the speedo, the one who makes me gargle my lungs every Saturday morning at 8:30am and drags me through the moves until 9:45am.

And I've told you about Brad, my super fun but equally crazy Circuit Training teacher who fools me in to thinking I'm just dancing around even though I'm basically doing jumping jacks for an entire hour.

And right now I'm telling you that I am going to take these 2 classes BACK TO BACK.

Tomorrow morning, I will set foot in the gym at 8:05am, jog 2 miles on the treadmill, suffer through an hour and fifteen minutes of ridiculous Step class and then subject myself to an additional hour of Circuit Training.

If I had to estimate, I'm going to say this will be worth WELL over 1,000 calories burned, which is good because later in the day I am going to the Mississippi Market Coop for a cooking class called "The Solo Cook" to learn how to adapt my family cooking skills to my new single self.

After that, who knows? I might just have a date.

Oh there will be pictures, my friends. Pictures of my red/sweaty/exhausted face after the workout of a lifetime, pictures of my cooking class, and pictures of everything in between.

and THAT is why this weekend will rule.

What are your big plans?


Rebecca said...

that truly sounds like an amazing weekend! plans... i feel like cooking, trying new recipes, maybe a drink or two. hopefully enjoying the 50 degrees its supposed to get!

bethsjourney said...

I'm going to Puerto Rico tomorrow for a whole week!!!!!!! wooo!

Lor said...

sounds awesome!

by big plan this weekend is to exercise ONCE, and get in my GHGs! I also want to try and get back to eating for fuel and not for taste.

can't wait to see pics! :)

Angie @ Real Food, Real Faith said...

That class sounds really cool. I'm looking for some cheap, healthy cooking classes in this area- I'll have to check them out! Make sure to come back and say if it was worth it :)

takinitoff said...

you DO have a great weekend coming up!! haha. Two classes and a two mile jog? Show off! ;) Way to go! --adrienne

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

You are crazy.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

oh...and I can't wait to see pictures of your crazy ass :)

Ann said...

Wow, your plans for the gym make me want to get MY butt into the gym, too!! :) Good job!!!!

Missy said...

Oh my. Hope you survived your crazy work-out!!!

Teamarcia said...

That sounds like one helluva weekend. I agree well over 1000 calories burned. You rock!