Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Wave.

There is a wave going through the weight loss blogging community right now.

It seems everyone is feeling malaise, bored, ho-hum, this is hard, I'm screwing up left and right.

I'm there too.

Oh trust me, there are plenty of ladies and gentlemen who are not, and we need to be sure to turn our actions around. Or I can see them coming after us with torches and pitchforks. Their Motivation Mob is going to shake us by the shoulders and give us a slap into reality. We can't do this to ourselves!

Well, there is no Motivation Mob. I bet if there was, they'd be really cute though.

So, like everyone else, I "screwed up" yesterday. I was volunteering to make fundraising phone calls (everyone's worst nightmare) for the organization where Jessica works. Making fund drive phone calls is pretty terrible, and usually no one likes to call up strangers and bother them during the dinner hour, which is precisely why I felt I needed to volunteer. It's important to step up when no one else will. So, Jessica warned me there would be pizza and cheesecake - so I had to devise a plan.

Pizza is comfort food, so I made up a little dish of spaghetti squash with sausage sauce, one of my favorite comfort meals. I also packed cinnamon rice pudding (yum yum) which is actually more favored by me than cheesecake which is simply too rich. I had it all thought out. I was ready!

However, when I got there, it was only me and 2 other volunteers. 3 pizzas had been ordered. I know usually people say they feel bad turning down food, in this instance, I actually did. I did not want to see the money from this nonprofit go to waste. The person coordinating this activity was also pretty pushy. It's all an excuse, I'm aware, but I ended up eating pizza instead of the dinner I packed.

I instantly regretted it... and then I ate a cookie.

And I regretted that so I ate 3 more cookies.

After all was said and done, yesterday's total of -12 points for the week is now -25, which is actually pretty good. It is very lucky I had a large amount of points left for the day because Pizza Points are no joke.

Anyhow, all of that is over and done with. It happened yesterday, there's nothing I can do about it. Today is a new day. I think being a part of the Motivation Mob is realizing that every meal is another chance. Motivate yourself to make that happen. Don't beat yourself up, there are other mobs for that.

I go back to the office today after many many many days off. It will be great to get back into a real routine. I already have my gym bag packed and I intend to go directly from work to the gym. I have my new Neighborhood Meeting tonight, so I will meet the council and hear about happenings. I hope to very involved.

I hope the Motivation Mob tackles all of you. We're holding our first annual meeting on Saturday February 27th and you can come.


Rebecca said...

it must be those mid-winter blues!

thankfully I'm back at it, adding in some extra cardio this week to make up for last week and hope to be back to my regular routine by next week!

DE-TER-MIN-ED to be in the 140's by the end of the month! would love to hit 40 lbs lost...

then again it is easy for me to say this now after I gorged myself on crap last week!

Tiffany said...

Motivation Mob...I like it! Hope you have a great day and you are right, each meal is an opportunity to get back on track...

antgirl said...

It's so prevelant makes me wonder if the winter blues ain't part of it. :) The mob stabbed me in the butt yesterday. LOL

totegirl said...

Sucks about the pizza and cookies, but it's just so hard lately... I do think it's this weather. Maybe we're genetically coded to gain during this weather, so really as long as we maintain, we're succeeding! Or something like that. Motivation Mobs desperately needed!!!!

And yes, the routine does help, doesn't it? I'm off my routine and am clinging to exercise to pull me through. So that is something to look forward to, missy! Chin up!