Monday, February 8, 2010



Well well well.

I don't particularly care for football, nor do I care about "the big game" or the "commercials" or "drinking bud light and yelling extraordinarily loud."

I do, apparently, care about "meatballs" and "chicken wings" and "ham sliders" and "tortilla chips."

I'm getting "carried away."

Any way, the end result is being 12 points in the hole for the week so far. Honestly, I thought it would be worse. I ate my fair share at the party last night, but I kept a little checklist and tracked the number of each item I ate as I ate it. 6 meatballs, CHECK. Bacon wrapped sausages, CHECK (times 5).

I'm celebrating the fact that I did not have anything with points-tag to drink. I chose Diet 7-Up and despite the ridiculous snow storm we're having - I already worked out today.

How'd your S(t)uperbowl party go?

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totegirl said...

About the same. I went to my mom's to avoid all that shit. What did she do? Made bbq smokies and cauliflower (good!) covered in cheese (not as good, but tasty!), and guacamole, and spinach dip. Thanks mom!

But I worked out as well, so GO US!