Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Walk.

I took my first totally functional walk this morning to a gas station about 5 blocks away to grab the Sunday paper for my coupon clipping adventures.

I'm having a gorgeous weekend morning, lingering over coffee, the paper and the procrastination of making a delicious and hearty breakfast. I already started that process - putting together my favorite black bean/mexicorn/red onion/cilantro/lime juice salad. I guess it's more of a salsa. I'm not sure what to call it other than DELICIOUS. It's so great for tossing in a flatout wrap, scrambling with eggs, or topping a yummy cut of fish. Multi-functional and awesome.

Tonight I'm making my favorite healthy sloppy joes for my sister and I and I'll be documenting it with photographs so you can make it at home! They're so delicious, freeze well, and the whole family loves them.

How are you relaxing and making today "easy like Sunday morning?"

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