Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scmweigh in.

I'm a up a little bit this week. Guess what? Not phased by it.

Last week, starting with Wednesday's trip to the Hotness Party (and subsequent pit stops for more drinks and more food), I thought I was done for. Right around Friday, when I tried to turn it around, I "screwed up" again. It was only 1/2 of Saturday and all day Sunday that I really started to turn this week around.

And I really did.

I had a pretty rad week. I tracked every day, every thing, I got in a ton of activity and I said "No" to myself when I wanted things that didn't fit in to my plan. I also realize that my weigh in fell after 3 back to back ridiculously strenuous strength training workouts. So while I'm not trying to make excuses for my little .6lb gain, I fully realize that since I was just reintroducing difficult workouts after a period of "taking it easy," my muscles are most likely broken down and retaining water, waiting for the time to build back up. For proof, check out my sweaty picture on Jen, a prior fat girl's post today.

Today, I'm faced with a challenge. I am completely scheduled out from, well, right now until 8:00pm tonight. I packed my whole fridge in my lunch bag essentially, I have....
  • Carrots (0)
  • Honey Tangerine (.5)
  • Light String Cheese (1)
  • Blueberry Pom Applesauce (1)
  • Banana (2)
  • BAS + homemade vin (1)
  • Turkey Sandwich TOMS style (3)
I'm also bringing a diet ginger ale just in case I get a sugar craving, which I undoubtedly will on such a long day, and I plan to pick up Subway on my way to the later board meeting so I won't snack on the caramel corn that one chair always brings. Damn caramel corn.

I am hopeful that today's breakfast will sustain me. I took a packet of Kashi Go Lean hot cereal in Truly Vanilla and mixed it with a packet of Carnation Instant Breakfast. The end result looked pretty gross, but it tasted... also pretty gross but together it had a lot of protein and fiber. I washed it down with coffee anyway.

What's your strategy for SUPER LONG DAYS out of the house?


Lor said...

strategy is the same as yours: plan and pack! :)

you didn't gain much, and next week will be better. keep your head in the game, girl! i know you can do it!

p.s. and i'm totally sorry if someone else has already asked you this, but how do you make your vinaigrette dressing? i'm trying to find something i like and haven't yet.

here's to a new week! :)

totegirl said...

Now that I'm in my busiest month of my entire year, I have abandoned all strategies. :(

I have eaten nothing but crap when I'm at work. Which is 50-60 hours a week. Dumb.

I'm proud of you, and if I get ANY free time at all, I plan on following your good example, shopping for food, fixing food, putting it in containers, and taking responsibility for my own actions. Now, if I could just get some free time... Really, though? A bagged salad and a can of tuna is better than the crap I've been eating! Must end the excuses!!! Thanks for the positive motivation!

antgirl said...

I'd be at the mercy of the cursed caramel corn, too. Good planning on your part.

Good for you and the great attitude to just get back at it. :) That's the way!

Fiona said...

Planning and packing for me too! I tend to take gluten free breakfast bars as they keep me going for quite a few hours.

Missy said...

Three of the days during the week are like that for me and I just am sure to pack all my meals for the day. I love fast food, so if I don't pack something I will for sure stop for something and it probably won't be healthy. I bring my lunch, snacks, and dinner with me all three days and it seems to work really well (luckily I can always find a microwave)!