Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ok Ok Ok.

Ok. I lied to you.

I lied to myself too. I did NOT do well yesterday, though my motivation is genuinely high.

How does this work? How can I be so determined to "do the right thing" as I stuff multiple "light" pizzas into my face on one day? (without taking pictures of any of it, even though I said I would.)



Tiffany said...

It happens. You can be so filled with resolve and "can do" attitude and then poof it vanishes. Just keep trying. Dust yourself off and keep going. I've been focusing more on the big picture lately...creating and living a healthy lifestyle and not worrying so much about "being on a diet". You can do this! Go climb your stairs a few times, get the endorphins going!

Holly L. said...

Sigh, I am soooo in the same boat! I came on my blog and I KNEW I was going to turn things around. A few days ago I told everyone I'd set myself on the straight and narrow again. Yet here I am still not behaving myself. Ok, ok, maybe this time we really can turn it around? Because the alternative isn't an option.

Madame Cur said...

It happens. Try not to beat yourself up and keep in mind that one day cannot completely ruin your progress. However, the important thing is to make plans that will lead to this not happening again. Try to figure out which foods may trigger over eating and avoid them. "Light" pizzas may be a good place to start.

I am right here with you. I have 20 more pounds to lose before I can really be impressed by my health. I am healthier now than I've ever been, but just 20 more and the FDA will agree with me. We can so do this.

Lor said...

i hear you. i am uber motivated, and had 4 slices of BLT pizza friday night, brownie cheesecake after my salad with regular dressing saturday night, and cheese and crackers (read CHEESE CHEESE AND MORE CHEESE) at the nrlyin-laws yesterday.

topping it off with 1/2 a hand-sized brownie for lunch today.

what gives?? i hit my 25 pound mark, and immediately un-do it. i feel you. hang in there, it's all you can do! CHIN UP!