Saturday, February 27, 2010


GF. Gluten Free, or at least yesterday it could have stood for a "good friday."

I know it's silly because if being gluten intolerant is my problem, the effects would not be noticeable after only 36 hours of being GF, however, I felt amazing yesterday. The *ahem* problems I've been having didn't come out to play, and I had a lot of energy and charisma.

I hope I can keep that momentum going while I attend the PRIOR FAT GIRL MEET UP today! How exciting to be in a room of 40+ people here in the Twin Cities in various stages of their weight loss journey!

I will be back with pictures!


Drazil said...

Oh great - maybe you solved the mystery! Yeah! And your meeting sounds way fun.

100in12 said...

that's awesome that you're feeling a difference already.

have fun today!

The Gals on the Scale said...

I keep trying to avoid it, and I tell myself that I can eat gluten, but it seems like whenever I cut it out of my diet completely.... I feel a 100X better almost instantly. My skin clears up, my cravings go away, I sleep better... its really amazing. I am doing an elimination diet right now (more info on my blog) but its helped a lot... I am learning a new way to eat, and its delicious! The only downside of no gluten -- no beer. But wine and potato vodka are still kosher! Thank god!

Keep up the good work on the gluten free bit, I know you will love the way you feel in a few days!

~ Megs