Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Randomness.

Happy Weekend Kickoff Day.

Yesterday's 6:30am to 8:00pm (which subsequently turned into 9:30pm) day from hell is over. I slept incredibly well last night. I gauge "good sleep" on whether all I have to do to make the bed in the morning is flip the comforter back from it's little triangle fold rather than figure out where the top/bottom/entire comforter even is.

I did veer a tiny bit off plan yesterday when grabbing some Hershey Kisses during my 3rd meeting of the day, but there were far more tempting choices just staring at me from the middle of the table, so I consider this a success.

I had a girlfriend over who wanted to "learn my process" of planning out meals. For the 2nd time this week, someone has taken pictures INSIDE my fridge. I find this totally odd, but... if it helps someone grocery shop, I'm all for it. We eeked out some meal plans for ourselves through Monday to aide with what could be weekend disasters, had some Prosecco and shared some good talks.

I'm off to the gym right now to get in some great stress-busting cardio before 2 more meetings today and then WEEKEND! So I'll leave you with some of the interesting things that I read through my fantastic blogroll.

Off to the gym!


Just a Girl said...

Hey, did you enjoy the almond milk? Thanks for the shout out :-)

nic said...

I'm still trying to decide if I should make it or not. Bulk almonds are expensive here and my Almond Breeze almond milk (which is not just water and almonds however) is not very expensive.

I may HAVE to, just because it looks so awesome to have that big lump of pulp for cookies!

Rebecca said...

ha! thanks for the shout out..maybe!?

we all go through our spells i guess.. todays shaping up to be a good day. lets see how the weekend goes.

have a fun one nic!

antgirl said...

Cool on making your own almond milk.

Glad to see you 'on it'. :)

Fiona said...

If that is the criteria I don't think I ever sleep well! A good sleep for me is not being so restless I wake up my husband :p