Thursday, January 7, 2010


I hesitated last night to post an update in the evening. In the past, when I've had highly successful days and post about how angelic and perfect I was, I get a whiff of Entitlement City and start eating.

Well, today I can tell you that yesterday was spot on. 100% on plan, even on a dinner date with a girlfriend. I ate according to my adorable meal plan, stayed the course at the restaurant even though there was plenty of temptation, and found myself with 2 points left at the end of the night before bed (forgot to eat my applesauce snack and miscalculated another item).

I debated with myself about whether or not I really needed to have anything. I made myself a cup of tea while I caught up on all of your blogs and looked over my tracker for the day.

Ultimately, I decided to have the most dangerous dessert of all.


I have a huge problem with cookies. I can count the number of times I've been able to stop at a single serving on one hand. I just can't do it, or so I thought.

Last night, I had one cookie. Just one. It was adorable. I ate it slowly at the dining room table as I'm also on a ban from eating in the bedroom (the typical catalyst of my binges). I tracked it right away and headed off to read in bed. The reading in bed part may have been what saved it. On weeknights I typically watch the news at bedtime and drift in and out of sleep, running back and forth to the kitchen to get more sweets. Last night, I changed my behavior in 2 ways, probably more likely for it to stick.

I'm proud of myself. I know it's just one day, but that's all we can control. So now, I'm on to today, and so far so good.

Yesterday was also my Weight Watcher's meeting, but I'm still not weighing in so I don't have that info for you. I do have a GIGANTIC NSV [non scale victory] for you though. Because I was going to dinner with a friend directly from the meeting, I wore my "going out(fit)" versus the usual black sweatpants. This week's "going out(fit)" included SIZE 6 jeans.

Size 6.

I'm not saying they weren't snug, because they were. I'm also not saying they aren't really more equivalent to an 8, because they are. I also don't actually care that much what number they were, but they looked pretty fantastic, I felt pretty fantastic, and I'm slipping out of size 10 pants that were too tight last week IN to jeans that have been too tight forever. So, cut yourself some slack. Sometimes we really are just bloated and not just making excuses.

I'm having a GREAT time using my clothes as measurements of my success while I take a break from the scale.

How else do you measure your successes?


Norwego said...

"the most dangerous dessert of all"

Hah! That cracked me up.

My danger is ice cream. I can't be near it, or I go into a rage.

Congrats on the size 6 jeans!!!

Tiffany said...

I use clothes as my guide too! I always try and have a pair of "goal" pants....the thrift store is great for this.
Anyway, congrats on the great day, the jeans & resisting more than 1 cookie!

Lisa said...

Clothes for me are really the best way. That scale is dangerous and can ruin a day or even a week. Great job.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Clothes are the ultimate measuring tool. Scale can be finicky, but jeans will tell no lies.

Lor said...

my scale is a POS. one second i'm this, literally i'll get off and get back on and i'm 5 pounds heavier. get off, get back on, 3 pounds lighter than that. nothing consistent.

keep it up! i think its A OK not to weigh as long as you follow like a champ! :)

Lor said...

AND! good for you for only eating ONE COOKIE! Im proud!!!!!!!!!

Glam said...

The best measure of success is the feeling you get at the end of the day when you've been on target. Healthy, happy, optimistic. Those are great feelings.

Great job on the one cookie!

totegirl said...

"I know it's just one day, but that's all we can control." AMEN SISTER! Really, just taking it one minute at a time is all I can muster.

I'm wearing my size 6 J.Crew jeans, and I feel smoking hot. So what if they're really an 8? My ass looks good in 'em!

Congrats on your NSV! When I grow up, I want to try and eat granola again. I could buy it in the bulk section so I only have one cup or so laying around, because a full box? I'm not sure it could ever stand a chance with me!