Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update City!

Hey pals.

It's been ultra busy here as the packing/separating/bartering situation begins. I have to say that as far as break ups can go, this is pretty admirable. I can only hope that we are able to continue this and be better friends than we were partners because it feels really really good.

Today is full of driving, lifting, folding, pushing, hauling furniture I've found from all over the metro area on Craigslist. I'm excited to have some new things to fill my new life, well, at least new to me (in both instances). Some of them are worthy investments; others are impulse buys. I can always replace them down the line as I learn how to budget and save on a single person income.

I apologize that for at least the next week this blog will have nothing much to do with weight loss. I'd like to say hello to my new followers and let you know that under "normal" circumstances, this blog will be filled with a plethora of fantastic information, especially as I begin this new chapter. I'm going to have a whole special feature on Cooking for ONE, complete with recipes adapted to feed just you. There's no shame in living alone!

Please accept my apologies as I once again explain that for the next two (or so) weeks, my updates will be scattered, infrequent and most likely not about food, fitness, fun or weight loss. Hang in there, I promise some excessively awesome content once I am settled in.

xoxo. nic.


Meet Virginia said...

I haven't commented, but I have been keeping up. The longest relationship I have ever been in (my current one) just hit 4 years. So I'll not begin to act like I know what it is like to end a 10 year one. But I will say this. I truly believe that what is worse than a breakup, is being in a relationship that is not 100%.

You sound very positive and comfortable with your decision and for that, I am very happy for you.

Hope all goes well with the move and adjustments. It will be a fantastic new adventure for you. I really enjoyed my time living alone.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Blog like its yours! :)

Tamzin said...

Don't you worry about us! This is your place and its still interesting! :)