Monday, January 18, 2010

Horrible Weight Loss Ideas and My Triumphant Return to the Gym (maybe)

So, if I were a horrible person with horrible ideas, I might suggest that you try to stir up your own great dramatic tragedy because it's a decent way to lose weight. I hopped on the scale yesterday simply because I was concerned (terrified) that I'd gained 20lbs throughout the course of the last week. My eating habits have been completely out of my mind.

Cute little surprise that I have lost most of my quitting smoking weight gain.

Sad fact of the matter is though that it's only because I keep forgetting to eat.

Hey, before you start yelling at me, I've been busy. I literally am constantly moving all day and if I stop I'm scared I might die.. like a shark. I've set little phone reminders to tell me that I need to eat something as well as graciously accepted all invites out to dinner. If I can eat at a restaurant, I'm going to eat.

So, I haven't been to the gym since... Tuesday the 12th. Before that, I hadn't been to the gym since the Tuesday before that. That's all over now. I'm going back tonight and I'm getting back in to the habit. I need the exercise right now in preparation for the moving I'll be doing next week. Lots of heavy lifting. I am counting on my friend "other Nicole" to meet me there at 5:00pm for a class. Even if for some reason she calls to cancel, I'm going to ignore her and pretend that she'll be there. It's my motivation for going.

Only about 2 weeks until all of my things will be in one place, I'll have pictures, and I'll be massively improving this blog (in so many ways! Surprises to come!). It's going to be my project, my way to show you I appreciate you reading even in times of totally lame posts.



fattygetsfit said...

moving sucks.
take care of yourself!

Rebecca said...

how exciting!!

these two weeks will just fly by!

keep us in the loop!

Tiffany said...

Keep moving forward! Can't wait to see the surprises and the new place. Have fun at the gym!

Glam said...

moving sucks dead donkeys. get moved and get back so we can tear up this internet!

Lor said...

keep us updated :) **hugs!!**

Continuous Changes said...

That's the one reason it took me so long to quit smoking......weight gain!! AHHHH!! However, that is when I discovered running and it was easier to do as a non smoker :)

Keep it up! The gym will be your friend :)

imreadytobareitall said...

Hey, at least the gym will keep you moving and not drowning (like a shark)! Two weeks is nothing and then you'll breathe deep and have your own wonderful space. :) Hang in there.

totegirl said...

Yeah my divorce diet was my consolation prize. I mean, it did make me feel better. I didn't think that made me a horrible person, nor do I think any less of you. I still think you completely rock my face off. There, I'm rendered faceless. Are you happy now?

Can't wait for pics, btw!!!! YAY!!!! And yay for they gym!

roisin said...

i came across your blog awhile ago and i always check in. just wanted to formally follow your blog now. so...hi!

julie said...

Good luck with your new apt, new singleness, and return to the gym. I'm curious how much weight you gained while quitting, and did you compensate for not smoking by eating, or was it just metabolism drop? I quit almost 2 weeks ago, for about the 5th time in the last year, and tend to go back because I panic over gaining weight, or because I have a few drinks, etc. I haven't been eating more, likely less, but I realize I've given up a metabolic advantage, I've heard about 10%. I'm on my last 20 pounds, as well.

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