Sunday, January 3, 2010

Good Morning, lovelies. It is too, a good one that is. It's the 3rd of the month, the 3rd of the year, the 3rd of the decade an I already feel like I'm putting the whole thing to good use.

I don't know what finally clicked, but I've been treating my points as a guideline again, not just a number. I've been tracking every morsel, and making fantastic choices to stay as close to my daily points target as possible. When I work out hard, I eat an extra snack and keep everything else the same. This regimen is working well for me. It's helping to reverse the entitlement I was allowing myself to feel for the amount of "working out" I put in every week, hell, every day.

Last night, I was lucky enough to go out on a "date" with my family. Everyone got as fancy as we were willing to get when it's -20 degrees out, and headed to our favorite restaurant's new location just MERE BLOCKS away from our house. When I head that Koyi Sushi was opening a Seward location, I just about died. And then I died again when I realized how that could be the very reason I may need to claim bankruptcy in the new year. I avoided it for the first few weeks it was open, but last night, on our family date, we learned that their prices at the new location match the neighborhood, reasonable, versus their first location in Downtown, which is on the more expensive side. I giggled about it to myself, considering I know the menu like the back of my hand, that they offer the exact same things with lower price tags. AMEN!

I kept it simple with sashimi, knowing that if I didn't go for any of the delicious mayo-y, avocado-y rolls that I could "afford" to have a drink. My special treat.

The date was lovely, and was actually a gift from a friend via a gift card I received in return for throwing a splendiforous baby shower in her honor. Free dinner always tastes better.

But as we got home, changed into PJs and put in a movie... we entered the danger zone.


Always the toughest part of my day and my diet. I love sweets. LOVE them. I am still trying to discover how I can eat dessert without going overboard. When I swear off of it, I feel deprived and binge. When I allow myself something decadent, it's not enough. And the struggle goes on.

I've been relying heavily lately on Diet Hot Cocoa from Swiss Miss that is only 25 calories per packet. While the boys ate ice cream, I sipped my cocoa and ultimately fell asleep half way in to the movie, ending the night 100% on target for points.

And in celebration of the New Year, I'm trying something new today. I'm headed to an Aerial Workshop - I will be swinging from ropes, swings, hoops and fabrics. I'll be sure to take pictures, but here's one of me in my leotard to start you off.


Rebecca said...

I'm so glad to see the New Year treating you well Nic!

I can't wait to celebrate with you as you reach your goal!

totegirl said...


nic said...

I'm going to be an acrobat!

Holly L. said...

I love the picture, and am definitely looking forward to more. Congratulations on your day on target. I love those days! I am also a sweets lover and decided the other day to try a moderation experiment. I bought a big bag of york peppermint patties (one of my favs) and told my boyfriend I was going to eat it in moderation. A serving size is two, so I allow myself two after dinner every night. The bag has 20 in it, so it should last me 10 days in theory... so far so good!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Wow, can't wait to hear more about the aerial workout...