Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the big picture vs The Big Picture

We always talk about how important it is to both keep sight of The Big Picture when you're working toward a long term goal. Imagine yourself in that wedding dress, that bikini, that racing kit. How do you look, how do you feel? Envision it.

Having a firm grasp of that moment will help drive you toward it.

It's also very important to LOSE site of the big picture. Break it down into small manageable steps. Rather than "Ughhh I have 78 pounds to lose," break it down in chunks. Reward yourself every 10lbs, every 5lbs, hell... every POUND.

Sometimes, like when you're seeking a loss on the scale, it's better to focus on the small things. Others, like when you have an eating mishap, it's better to focus on the big picture.

This week, I'm focusing on the big picture. My eating - other than a one night free for all, has been top notch. I am ending the week with absolutely no wiggle room, in fact I'm in the red for points by 3.5. Back when I was starting this journey, seeing the red, seeing the fact that I have eaten myself into negative numbers would have discouraged me, made me feel like giving up. The big picture me knows that giving up would not help me reach my goals. The big picture me has gained so much confidence, so many skills have been built which is evidenced by the fact that the number screaming at me in red is only 3.5 rather than 305.

I really believe, especially since we have a whole gang of NY Resolutioners joining us in the blogging community, that the first few weeks, months, years of your weight loss journey need to be about forming habits. Your reward, of course, will be smaller numbers on the scale, smaller jeans hanging in your closet, but the brass tacks of the matter is that you can not accomplish this feat long term without forming these habits.

So, reserve your Big Picture thinking for when you need motivation, and think in terms of "Just for Today."

Give yourself credit every day for the things you did right, no matter how small, to keep those habits up. Measure your milk, write down your food, say "No" to something you don't actually want. Those are not things you're supposed to be doing, they are conscious choices you are making and you deserve credit for that, regardless of anything else that went wrong.


Amanda said...

I posted about the Big Picture today too, in a different way :-) Love your blog, btw.

Tiffany said...

Great post :) I feel the same about setting goals...big and small.

totegirl said...

Dude, great post! I definitely have tunnel vision, so thanks for the reminder. I've never been good at rewarding myself for anything because I never feel good enough. But duh! I'm the only one that I have to be good enough for! So my reward for getting back on track after the holidays is a hair cut and some face waxing this Friday. I earned it!

P.S. You haven't lived until you balance a corn cob on a spoon. Now you know.

Meet Virginia said...

Great Post! I couldn't agree more.

Right now, I am just focused on the next 10lbs. When I get there, I will tackle the next 10.

Big Picture?? Taco Bell is a 4 letter word! :) (2 of 'em!!)

Jambam said...

I know what you mean. When I was my most successful with WW I definitely had a day at a time mentality which went so much further than "How am I going to lose 11 lbs!"

antgirl said...

Great advice. I used both today to talk myself out of buying licorice.

takinitoff said...

great reminder! thanks lady! --adrienne