Wednesday, January 6, 2010


“No man ever reached to excellence in any one art or profession without having passed through the slow and painful process of study and preparation”

Last night I was up until an ungodly hour (for me) taking an inventory of all the possible meals I could create this week without heading to the grocery store. I should mention I did make a quick stop at the grocery store before starting this project... but I used coupons. That's right, in the New Year, I'm a coupon lady.

So, on post-its (my favorite earth-ruining tool), I came up with all possible breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack combos and then I planned everything out on my favorite new tool.

Want one? Get it from Token Fat Girl.

I'm feeling very prepared in this new year, and although it's already had some many slip ups, I'm taking time to reflect on them each night in my new Planner/Journal tool.

To add some accountability, I'm partnering up with my friend Joanna for a game we're calling "TRACK ATTACK."

When you're a Weight Watcher, you're enabled to have e-tools, a super awesome food database and tracking tool.

And because we trust each other, we've exchanged sign in information to our accounts. This way, we can check up on the other's tracking in a stealth ninja-style. This is such a great thing for so many reasons. a) Someone IS watching. b) I'll get some new ideas for good food. c) I get to feel like a haxor. d) Extra accountability.

I'm excited to hear feedback about what I'm eating. I'm sure there are things I'm missing. It's also very new for me. I talk about my binging, but I've never really shared to WHAT EXTENT I am overeating when I overeat. It can be bad. I'm hopeful that with Big Brother TRACK ATTACK, those will stop faster, become fewer and farther between and eventually just be under control. That is a slow and painful process however, but I'm learning from it.

I feel like a little kid with their new backpack, new school shoes and every thing all packed up. Total boy scout preparation.

FitBottomed Girls had another great post about some really awesome tools to help beginners get started, but damn if I wouldn't enjoy some of them to spice up my routines!

What have you done this week to prepare?


Rebecca said...

really neat tool from TFG!!

thats my biggy this year too. Nate and I must cut back our food expenses, even though we have little waste, it is a tad ridiculous for us to spend $150 on groceries a week!

totegirl said...

Track Attack sounds awesome and intimidating! I've really been thinking that it's time I track all my food again. Not necessarily for points, but definitely for quantity, variety, volume, etc. Damn girl, we are doing it this year! Hell, I'd venture to say there are bikinis in our future!

Lor said...

sounds great, girl. this week, i am planning the same as last, just take it a day at a time. this is wayyy less overwhelming.. and i think i can stick more this way.

in addition, i am scouting new recipes. chris & i eat out far too often, and i can't live on TV dinners. I am calling all tasty soup recipes because so far, that's the only thing im good at making, hah. :)

Good luck this week! also! what's this break from scale thing? did i miss something in yr blog??

krissie said...

I did the same menu from Lorrie this week! It really worked for me. I had calorie counts written on it beforehand and everything! Did you follow it?