Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Time To Tell TOTS.

I set very simply TOTS (Tasks of Total Steadfastness) this last week. For those new or out of the loop, I quit smoking 17 days ago after smoking for more than 10 years. I'm kind of re-learning how to live in general, let alone re-learning how to look at food as more than something to shovel into my mouth in the absence of cigarettes.

So, last weeks TOTS were...

TOTS for the week of 12/2-12/8

•Track Everything.
•STOP at 21.
Stay Smoke Free!

The only two I feel uncomfortable celebrating successes on are stopping at 21 and blogging. I did both the majority of the time, but not in the way that I wanted to. I stopped at 21 points 4/7 days this week but it was still due to poor planning and I never felt satisfied having to alter my dinner in a manner that suited the 2-3 points I had left for the night. I definitely need to make better plans. I also blogged, but not in the way I intended.

I'm setting simple TOTS again this week. I realize this morning that I am not taking this challenge seriously, but honestly, I can't right now. The best I can do is participate and just genuinely give it my all. The last 3 weeks of December are the busiest of the entire year for me at work. That, coupled with quitting smoking, trying to lose the 5lbs I've gained from quitting smoking and the additional 5 pounds I have to lose to meet my Weight Watchers goal weight, AND Christmas... it's all a little overwhelming.

Setting my TOTS each week gives me something to focus on, and I find this helpful during this busy and stressful time.

TOTS for the week of 12/09 - 12/16
  • Track Everything. This is really beginning to be second nature again. Almost like an immediate reaction. I've tracked every binge I had in the last 2.5 weeks, which is something I definitely would have hidden from the tracker last year.
  • Plan Tomorrow's Meals Today. We're going back to the meal plan. I'd like to eventually try to eat intuitively as an experiment, but I think I better save that for maintenance.
  • SWEAT. 5-7 days a week. Considering building in rest days, but I don't really know how or when to do that. I almost always over eat on rest days... reflections on this coming soon.
  • READ. All of those lovely self-help books I picked up on Sunday have been giving me some peaceful relaxation time with a mug of tea in my favorite chair. I've come to cherish this routine on a nightly basis and I want to keep it up. De-stressers mean I stuff less food in my mouth.

Simple simple goals, but sometimes the most basic stuff is the hardest to wrap your head around.

P.S. We got about 7" of snow last night. Winter is finally here!

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100in12 said...

7 inches!!! DC would shut down for a month if we got that much snow. We get 2 and people lose their minds :-) Haha, we're winter wimps.

You, however, are not! Nic you are taking on so much right now and I think you are a MAJOR success! 17 days smoke free, working toward your goal weight, and striving to do it all with flying colors is amazing.

You're doing SO great. Just take care of yourself and really prioritize with all that's going on. YOU being the first priority, obvs. :-)