Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TOT Yoga

I woke up on the slight right side of the bed this morning. No good moods or bad, just trying to prepare for what will certainly be an incredibly busy day.

It's Wednesday though, which means weighing in on the scale and weighing in on my TOTS (tasks of total steadfastness) for the week. Let's review:

TOTS for the week of 12/09 - 12/16

•Track Everything. - YES
•Plan Tomorrow's Meals Today. -YES

So, it appears I did well with my goals, but I'm really just giving myself credit for doing what I could. Last week I put in 53.5 hours at work and this week I've already put in more than 18. I'm completely overtired, but happy that - with careful planning - I was able to get all of our Christmas shopping done yesterday afternoon, as well as brainstorm an idea for the gifts we have to hand make (which we obviously left until the last second).

I did track everything, even when I binged. Which I did this week. Having the meal plan helped, and I did follow it all day long. It was only at night, once the plan ended, that I decided I could go back for more. However, last night I divulged this information to my boxing teacher who wasn't aware I had lost more than 50lbs and was trying to lose more. He told me to try eating my biggest meal in the middle of the day, which would actually work for someone like me. I split time between working on site at my organization and working from home. I typically leave the office at Noon and eat lunch at home. Because I've been working out in the evenings, I'm typically not even hungry at night when I get home from the gym, but because I'm from the midwest and because I have food issues, I know I need to eat dinner - and dinner here means a protein and two vegetables.... that could easily be a light meal, but it never is. So... the new game plan is going to be integrating more protein into my afternoon meal and possibly breaking it up into TWO meals, and attempting to eat a light dinner.

I definitely SWEAT it out this week. I totalled more than 4k calories burned! TAKE THAT.

I also READ my books daily. I am drawing so much inspiration from these. They aren't going to solve my problems, only I can do that, but I'm taking away some fantastic ideas. I only hope I feel ready to implement them soon.

TOTS for the week of 12/17 - 12/23

  • Have the best time ever on vacation.

That's right, I leave for Arizona this weekend for a hiking trip with my Honey. We'll be making our own breakfasts and lunches and eating dinner out. I pledge to eat intuitively this week, REALLY listening to my body and finding my sated point again.

Today I'm trying something new. Bikram Yoga. I don't even like regular yoga, and I really really don't like being hot, so all signs are pointing to me hating this, but I'm going to have a VERY open mind about it. A friend invited me, I'm interested, and I definitely feel like I need to detox. I look at Wednesdays (the beginning of my Weight Watchers week) as a new beginning, and I think this yoga class will help with that. It's also going to assist me in giving an unreasonably inaccurate scale number, which is fine with me.

We'll be hitting the mats at 4:30pm, ending at 6:00pm, and then I'll be changing and going straight to my Weight Watchers meeting where I will weigh in with (most likely) a nearly 3lb loss due to sweating out water. I won't be weighing in until the week after Christmas, so I'm interested to see if I can match that with actual weight loss by that time.

Have you ever been to hot yoga? What am I supposed to wear?


Sarah said...

I did hot yoga and loved it. At first it was hard to breath but you get used to it and I felt so good after! Because I am not the skinniest person I wore yoga pants and a tank top. You will sweat and be nasty but it is worth it. I wish Germany had it.

Linz M said...

I have been a few times and I love it. It is hard work, but I like that!

I just wore yoga pants and a tank top to, but there were people at mine in miniscule shorts.


Lor said...

i LOVE hot yoga! wear as little as possible and BRING TOWELS! hahaha. i wore a tank top and capris. some women wear sports bras and shorts and look more like theyre wearing swim suits, but wear whatever you'd be comfortable in sweating to high heaven! :)

antgirl said...

Enjoy your trip!

When I shifted my calorie intake around, it helped a lot. There's a big boon to not letting yourself get too hungry ... you can maintain moderation. :)

Great on acheiving your goals.

Meet Virginia said...

I hope you have a fabulous vacation. Be safe and have fun!