Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sweatpants Dance.

Well my friends, I'm back and BIGGER than ever. Or, at least it feels like it.

Jeans that were too big about 3 weeks ago are now crushing my belly. I've got the Christmas bloat (and vacation bloat, and TOM bloat) and it's costing me about 8 pounds. Luckily, the last day of Christmas for us was yesterday. I did not escape without consuming my weight in cookies, but I did make a triumphant return to the gym with my friend "other Nicole." Thank god. I needed that.

It looks like it's going to be a couple days of sweatpants until I can get this under control.

Mission DeBloat:
  • Drink tons of water. At least 120 oz per day.
  • Sweat it out. Attend Circuit Training, Boxing, Bikram Yoga, Spin and Step class this week.
  • Track. Whether using Weight Watchers or SparkPeople.

Consider these my TOTS for the week we're in the middle of too.

Speaking of SparkPeople, (username: nicycle) I joined that site in 2008 and literally never did a thing with it. This morning, for some reason, I was inspired to go and set up my SparkPage and try to figure some things out. One of my side-goals this week is to look into it further. I'd really like to get a better grip on the contents of my food (carbs, protein, fat, etc) rather than just focusing on calories, though I need to [start] do[ing] that too.

The long term goal has always been to live a healthier life. I'm accepting that once again I did not meet my New Year's Resolution to reach goal. I WILL get there.

Have you started thinking about resolutions? Do you even make them? Discuss.


moonduster said...

You will get there! Setbacks happen, and Christmas was a setback for a lot of people, but it only happens once a year, and now it's in the past.

Drinking lots of water is a good idea. A lot of your weight gain is probably water retention, and the water will help get rid of it.

fattygetsfit said...
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fattygetsfit said...

This year I resolve to make no more resolutions! I am making changes and maintaining them. Or pretending to.
What are your TOTS?

Also- try Laci LeBeau dieter tea. They help de-bloat and help you go #2 (sorry gross) and detoxify a lil bit

antgirl said...

Tis the season. I feel more bloated than usual, too. At least, we know how to get rid of it. Can't wait until the holidays are over. I've been hitting the workouts harder, motivated. So, there is that.

I revise my goals all year long and keep striving. I can't think of a resolution better than that. I keep trying to do better, improve.

Holly L. said...

I am totally in the same boat! You have inspired me to search out a water bottle and get drinking some water... The rest, wellll... I'm working on it.