Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Return of the TOTS.

So, meeting attended.

Another gain. I've put myself back to where I was at the beginning of November and I'm ok with it. I know that I needed some time to discover what life would be like as a non-smoker without having to discover what it would be like as a dieting non-smoker.

I'm ready again, and I've had 2 SPOT on perfectly OP days. I'm excited to be back. I feel amazing, I feel in control, and I'm holding on to this feeling with Kung-Fu grip.

And so, new goals must be made and carried out through the next week of the No Mo' Potato Challenge. Goals, or TOTS (Tasks of Total Steadfastness), to keep my eyes on the prize.

TOTS for the week of 12/2-12/8
  • Track Everything. This has been a great goal for me, and I'm happy I've been able to comply. Even when I was tracking HUNDREDS of points over my limits for the week, I was at least conscious of each bite and looking over these records has actually helped me recognize and correct patterns. So, tracking is key.
  • STOP at 21. I have definitely gotten in the habit of over planning my days. Sure, I work out a lot, I have a lot of APs, but they get burned through quick. I need to stick to my meal plan, and rearrange if I have a slip up. I am truly FOLLOWING the WW program this week for the first time in weeks. I will stick to my points.
  • SWEAT. I don't need a set number of days. I promise only to work my hardest when I decide to be active, which lately has been every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Fitness raises my self-awareness and always leaves me feeling extremely self-satisfied and proud. I need those feelings right now and I'm happy to earn them through hard work.
  • Stay Smoke Free!
  • Blog. Get ready for a few doses of "What I Planned vs What I Ate," my favorite food accountability project complete with pictures.

Next Wednesday I WILL see a loss on the scale, it is not an option. This is the outcome I want, so I will put in the hard work and make the correct choices to get me there. Just you wait and see...

In the meantime, please read this really fantastic post that came through my blogroll today. What I wouldn't give to feel so in control...

Food Addiction: Questioning the Concept of Moderation from Susan at The Crazy Woman Inside Me...

The whole idea is giving me my own for Christmas - the celebration of cookies (always my downfall). What would a cookieless Christmas look like?


Meet Virginia said...

So excited to see you have your resolve back. I really didn't think you were gonna struggle long.

Don't forget to keep your eye on the big are improving your health in more ways than one!

Being a non-smoker is an amazing accomplishment. The smoke is toxic, and now you are creating a healthy body all around.

Also, your scale might be fluctuating right now, but you are NOT 199 anymore!! You have a 50# advantage on your former self!

Have a fantastic week!

Del said...

great goals!!! I too am at a net zero loss for November. Your positive attitude is helping me feel better about the situation!

Rebecca said...

you and me both need to STOP at 21. it is soooo hard. seriously. i burn through them like they are nothing!

i never used to be a 1 Point food eater but now... I have to be!!!

your doing great Nic seriously...being smoke free is such an accomplishment dont let a minor setback derail that and like Virginia said...your already down 50 lbs! I'm sure you don't even need to lose the last few you are attempting too.

Sonya said...

Honestly, if you do nothing other than staying smoke free, you will have walked on water in my books.:-) So, so, so proud of you.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

Heidi said...

Seriously, a few pounds compared to smoking is so much healthier. Keep concentrating on the smoking thing. You showed yourself that you can seriously blast those pounds away.

totegirl said...

Smoke-free and DRIVEN! Atta-girl! You are a true bad ass, woman. I have no doubt you will succeed with your TOTS. I need to think about my own...

antgirl said...

Quitting smoking is hard. But it is better to have gained and given up the cancer sticks than to be thin and still smoking.

Big round of applause and a clap on the back for ya!

takinitoff said...

so proud of you that you still haven't smoked!! nice work!

i need to catch your motivation to sweat so often. you're seriously awesome at it! --Adrienne