Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So, we are all talking about the "new year." While I admit to being swept up with the motivation and the cleansing activity of putting up a new wall calendar, a small part of me has always thought of New Years Day as somewhat of a birthday: it happens, but what does it really change?

It's not the moment, it's what you do with it.

I'm usually one to stay home on New Years Eve. I'm not a big partier. I get up at 5:00am each and every day regardless of if I have to work or not. I am usually, if not pretty much always, in bed before midnight strikes. I haven't gone out on NYE in years, and I don't remember it being that great when I did.

I suppose that can leave me thankful for the fact that this is one holiday that doesn't lead me into crazy temptation land. Not like Christmas with it's [stupid] [delicious] [fattening] cookies. [and cocktails.]

But, I am one for lists. I celebrate lists. I make like 15 lists a day. I usually end up never ever touching them again, and sometimes it's the same list 12 times. Simply writing something down, putting pen to paper, makes it real for me. It's "officially" something I have to do if I put it on a list.

And so I've made my year of resolutions. Pen to paper, and now finger to key.

What to do in 2010 (aka the year I learn to relax)
  • Practice Yoga 25x. That's roughly every other week. I don't actually like yoga very much, but that's because I had only tried it a few times, in setting that were not at all relaxing to me. Now that I've discovered Bikram Yoga, I think I might be in love. And so I will invest my time (and money) into figuring out how to relax... and stretch my mind [and body] into a new realm.
  • Buy and wear Red Lipstick. I have had this as a goal before. I did buy it, but the color looked different in real light than it did in the store and I hate hate hated it. I intend to take my time, perhaps the entirety of 2010, to find my perfect red. And maybe, just maybe, I'll wear it out on NYE 2011.
  • Leave MN at least 2x. So, before Justin and I took our mini-trip to San Francisco last year, I hadn't left the state in 4 years. That's pathetic. 2009 took me to CA, CO, and AZ and I loved every second I was able to explore new places. I'm excited to see where 2010 will lead me.
  • Drink 30,000 oz of water. For the last 4-5 months, my water intake has been horrendous. Embarrassing even. 30k ounces over the year would be roughly 82oz per day, which will be my base number. I KNOW that staying fully hydrate makes me feel [and look!] so much better, so why deny it?
  • Read 12 books. Hey, I love to read. It sucks that I have to make it a goal, but it's hard to prioritize reading time over the 9389482394 other things I have to do during the day. It feeds in to my over all goal of learning to relax.
  • Save $1,000. Seems like a simple goal, but I've basically been living paycheck to paycheck this year. I was saving $200 per month, but then my car broke. Then my computer broke. Then I took 3 vacations. Then I bought Christmas presents. There was always something eating away and I already have a very tight budget (and a very very very small paycheck). This year I need to rebuild my savings account, because the number in there now is no where near the place I've always kept it [minimum 6 months living expenses]. I need to keep the goal low and manageable so I don't feel like a failure if I don't meet it, and also so that I feel like a winner when I double, triple or quadruple it!
  • Get my sewing machine fixed. This is something that's been on the back burner for nearly 5 years. I allowed an old roommate to use my sewing machine, she broke it, never repaired it, and we're not exactly "friends" anymore after we had to kick her out of the house. I never ended up fixing it, and sewing was always one of my favorite [relaxing] hobbies.
  • Take at least 1 bike camping trip to Stillwater. For those of you who aren't Minnesotan, Stillwater is a beautiful small town on the river. Its full of antique shops and dive bars and miles of beautiful MN forests. It's only 40 miles from Minneapolis, and the camping trip is totally do-able (in fact I've done it before, more than once).
  • Run a 10 mile race. I've done the 5ks, I will run a 10k, but I need to run a 10 mile race. I need a running goal. I hate running so much, but I also secretly love it if it means I'm going to get a shirt and a bib and my name posted somewhere with my time. Mostly, I need this to prove to myself that I am capable of running 10 miles. 2 years ago, I couldn't run 1.
  • Make Goal Weight. The big one.
Secondary to these and the big goal of learning how to relax, unwind, and allow the person I am to shine through the stress, I would like 2010 to be the year I overcome my issues with food. I know I can't conquer them, but I at least want to pin them down until they say "uncle."

I definitely have the "move more" portion of the equation down. I love my fitness routine. It's a part of me. It doesn't feel like work the way I know it does to some of you. I feel like half of me when I don't exercise. The "eat less" portion of the equation, however, isn't going as well. I am intent to focus on portion control in the new year, if nothing else. I am the ultimate binger. I will eat and eat and eat until the button flies off my pants and I won't feel full until I realize what I'm doing, and then I beat on myself with guilt. That needs to end. This year, nothing is off limits, but size is absolutely limited. This goal, however, started today. I've been grazing all day instead of eating real meals. I don't intend for this to be the norm, but I wanted to eat lots of small things throughout the day to teach myself that I can be satisfied with 1 oz of yogurt covered raisins. I don't need the whole box (though I'd gladly eat it by the handful until my knuckles scrap the cardboard). It's going well. I feel satisfied. In fact, I'm not even very hungry and it's way past dinner time.

Tonight I'm listening to my body and having a light meal - just a BAS (big ass salad: mixed greens, spinach, onion, mushroom, cucumber, green pepper, radish and tomato with oil and balsamic vinegar) with some grilled chicken. If that's not enough, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese will follow.

Do you have bigger goals that are dictating your New Years resolutions? It's funny how we can so easily break them down at this time of year, but struggle to see the smaller picture day to day.

Good luck all!


Holly L. said...

Ooh I love this post and may need to do a goal post myself. I have morning-person envy, but in all honestly don't have the will power to go to bed early enough to become one. I have had a few great trys at it and found my body thanked me for it... maybe that will make my list... Thanks for the post!

antgirl said...

What a great list.

I think you will find that yoga will help you to relax and reset. It does that for me. I think that's why I enjoy/need it.

Dana (www.eatsleepgetfit.com) said...

We have some similar goals for 2010!