Monday, December 7, 2009

NS Victory is mine!

So friends, I've had a busy weekend. I forgot to do "What I Planned vs What I Ate," but I am celebrating some seriously awesome NSVs. [Non Scale Victory]

+ Saturday night we went out for pizza with a few friends and all of our kids. With all the kids it's just easiest to get something like that - saves ordering entrees for everyone. I genuinely wasn't very hungry but still felt like indulging. I ordered a glass of wine and had a great time visiting with everyone while they ate their pizza. No pizza for me. Not a piece, not a morsel of anything. I knew I could wait until we got home to prepare myself something that I would enjoy.

+ Sunday we made it downtown to see Santa. [long story, but Saturday the line was too long, etc etc] I did not get a cookie at Mrs. Claus' Bakery. It's a tradition that has spanned nearly 30 years, but this year I broke it. Cookies are off limits and so they shall stay. Also, our family Santa picture this year is REALLY cute. It's fun to look over the last few years of pictures (we always sit in the same spots) and compare how BIG Eli is getting and how much smaller I am getting.

+ I am doing an excellent job having tea after meals as "dessert." I think I may be able to retrain my brain to not crave sweets after lunch and dinner this way and it's very exciting.

It feels great to be celebrating something again!

I treated myself to an early Christmas present at Barnes and Noble. I purchased 5 books, 2 of which I have wanted to read for a very long time. In fact, I've been on the waiting list through our Library system for more than 3 months, so I figured I might as well buy them. Buying books feels so indulgent to me. I really enjoy spending time in a book store, strolling the aisles, judging them by their covers. I can spend the most time in the cookbooks aisles. I bought a new low fat slow cooker book, the SkinnyTini's recipe book, a self-help relationship type book [self help is the other section I could spend my whole life in] as well as The End of Overeating and The 4 Day Win.

I started reading The End of Overeating last night and I'm hooked. I will be sure to review it when I'm done, but I already recommend it based on the first 50 pages.

This morning I'm headed out for breakfast with 2 girlfriends. I happily chose our destination at The Seward Cafe which is mere blocks from my house and a Minneapolis historic landmark (probably not really, but it is in my mind and neighborhood). I've already planned what to order but I'm mostly excited for the company. One of the GFs is a friend who moved to Iowa in September and I'm very excited to see her!

I have no plan for today beyond breakfast, which means that after breakfast I'll be planning my day, cleaning the kitchen, working and then working out.

Promises of more exciting, informative and interactive posts this week!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Great NSVs, esp the part about the way you're getting smaller in the photographs. That's awesome.

Kassie said...

I'm on the wait list for "The End to Overeating" I'm hoping to get it by July 2010 based on the speed that list moves.

100in12 said...

no cookies and no pizza? you're a rockstar. and i agree with jack, getting smaller in pictures is always fun :-) congrats nic!

Rebecca said...

Nic!! How fabulous!!

and smoke free too I still hope!?

totegirl said...

Heck yeah woman! Why don't you post the Santa pic? You deserve those books. Books are food for the eyes and soul! And with all the money you saved from not smoking? Well, those books paid for themselves!

I also just read Saturday's post. I'm with you on the cereal thing. I'm not a huge dessert person, but I do enjoy both cookies and cereal. Therefore, they are both banned. But a banana or tea or some other pleasurable thing will be a great substitute!

Um, Nic? You pretty much rule. Okay, bye.