Saturday, December 5, 2009

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

Goodbye cereal.

You are officially added to the "BANISHED" list along with cookies. I'm sure this list will continue to grow, especially right now as I've figured out that while moderation has worked for me at one time, it is not working for me now.

I kid you not when I let you know that in addition to dieting and having quit smoking [two weeks smoke free today!] I am going to try to cut back on sugar in December. December... the month of sugar plums dancing in our heads.

I am being realistic. It's not being cut out completely. I still want to eat yogurt [fructose... naturally occurring sugar] and fruit and put sweetened soy milk in my coffee, but things like cookies in the office kitchen or a tasty looking chocolate bar at the Co-op checkout - those are banned.

That means no more dessert food. Dessert is my favorite thing in the world, so I have to reframe what dessert means for me. Dessert could now mean a banana or a mug of tea, or it could simply mean nothing at all. It will not mean: ice cream, cookies, cereal, etc. Instead, dessert will be a time of day, the time after dinner where I relax and reflect. Dessert may mean I get to finally finish the book I've been reading for 3 months.

I am going to start attacking this, military style, as of today. The meal plan I made for today isn't optional, especially because it only includes breakfast and lunch. I need to DO this.

I need to lose these last few several pounds so that I can reach my goal, be in a healthy weight range (technically, medically speaking, I am still overweight) and be a Weight Watchers leader. That is the main driving force for finishing this up. I MUST reach this specific weight goal to be a Weight Watchers leader, plus, I'm not a quitter. Plus, things usually don't take me this long. Plus, I guess I got a lot of other really awesome stuff done along the way.

So, I'm dedicated to myself again. I'm safe from my dangerous foods. I'm headed to Step class with my friend "other Nicole" and then today the boys and I are headed to the Franklin Frolic and to see Santa and to watch the Holidazzle parade. These are all fantastic distractions and also involve a lot of walking. There are cookies where Santa lives, but it's easy to get away with not having or wanting one because they are ALWAYS dry and gross. Always. Gross.

Tomorrow is going to be a "What I planned vs What I ate" kind of day. Check back tonight for the meal plan and tomorrow you'll get a slew of pictures of what I actually ate.

That sounds less exciting when you type it out.


Bella said...

Oh gosh, yeah, I am also not buying any more cereal. The only thing I will eat now would be muesli because it is actually filling. (And I won't eat that as a snack or dessert.)

Congrats on being smoke-free for 2 weeks!

Holly L. said...

Congratulations on two weeks! That is amazing!

I love the start of a new plan. It's all about the fresh, new potential for success!

Good luck!

Sonya said...

TWO WEEKS. FOURTEEN DAYS. You are so awesome.

Half way to a month! Keep it up.

imreadytobareitall said...

Good for you. I can't believe you are in the midst of quitting smoking as well. Wow. I hope you will see lung capacity results in your running/working out! Good luck with the plan and the new definition of dessert. It sounds yummy.