Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to Back.

Today has been lovely, as well as a totally on track kind of day. I've already gotten in 136oz of water as well as tracking all of my food. I made it to the gym and despite the class I wanted to attend being cancelled, had an excellent (albeit short) solo workout.

I'm going "back to the basics," as I often do when I've fallen off the wagon and need to get back on track. I've made out my meal plan for the week...

And I even made a quick stop at Target to pick up this planner that will hold all of my Health and Wellness information. It has monthly calendars as well as ample space for daily planning. I can write out my meal plan for the day, as well as my fitness plans and still see any upcoming events that might get in the way.

my new motto

For example, every year my boss (our organization's Executive Director) has taken all of the Program Directors out to lunch for the holidays. We usually do this before Christmas, but given the mass quantity of partying and free food, we opted to make it a New Year kind of celebration. I know this will be happening on the 5th of January because it's there in the planner. That helps me to realize that I'll need to step up my fitness that day, and perhaps the days around it as well as really watch my intake the day before.

I know this is easily done by just having my tracker and my blackberry/google calendars, but it really helps me to have everything in one space, even if that means having it in 4 different spaces. Are you still following me?

Now, on weeks when I've gone horribly wrong, I usually have a mental (or verbal - to Jessica) debate about whether or not I should weigh in. I always end up on the scale, deciding it's stupid to not go for it. I need to know where I am, and as I always say, "this is not a race." HOWEVER, this week I am 100% opting out. At this point, via my home scale, I have undone virtually all of my progress for the year. I will be barely netting a loss in the first place, and I just don't want to kill the motivation I have going right now - in this moment.

I want to end the year knowing I am doing everything I possibly can to live a healthy lifestyle, and I do not want what I already know to be a bad weigh in to deter that.

How are you feeling with the new year coming? Have you set some new goals?


Losing Waist! said...

No "year" goals for me... I think that the campy feelings turn me off to them. I do like to think in terms of MY years, so as I turn 30 soon I would like to set some
30-ish year goals.

I like organized.

totegirl said...

I like the separate planner idea. I am with you on not weighing in. You know half that gain will go away in a few days with just minimal effort, so it will all be gone with some hard work. My goal is and will be to eat clean. No more junk food!!!! No more sweets. Fruit, veggies, and lean meat. Back to my basics, for sure!

Keep up the great work! The holidays do this to EVERYONE, so now that they're pretty much over, we must move forward. ONWARD!

Lor said...

i have a planner that helps me with this, too!

i am with you on not weighing in. i had every intention of weighing in this week. i was off yesterday, and so today is my monday. since i weigh in on tuesdays, i completely forgot to pack weigh-in clothes for wi tonight!! ... now, i know it's going to be NOT GOOD, and i'm not going to make it worse by going in a sweater and jeans instead of light yoga pants and a tiny tank. FUDGE. oh well.

Chin UP, my dear. today is a new day!!

antgirl said...

You've definitely have your game plan on. Good for you.

My goal, as it has been for the past 2 years, is to keep working at toning, etc ... I'm back at the strength training, so I hope to make more progress with it this year.

I am also hoping that will help me shave off the rest of the flabulence. :)