Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Yesterday Was Awesome.

I checked out yesterday. Unplugged.


It was my Anniversary. It was also just an amazing day in general.

Work went by in a flash, I got to meet one of my best girlfriend's new baby Juniper in the hospital, and then I dragged Justin to spin class. He was less than thrilled to be having a sweat session outside of the bedroom on our Anniversary, but after the class - exhausted and energized at the same time - he was thankful I forced him to go.

With adrenaline surging and hunger out of control, we made our first stop of the night.

Now, Justin and I fancy ourselves foodies, which is mostly how I gained so much weight. Because we do not eat out very often (because I'm such a fantabulous cook) it is not uncommon for us to drop $130+ on a dinner out with drinks, especially on a special occasion. So this year, in an effort to both be ON TRACK and have a little more fun than the typical dinner date, I got to plan. I chose to go back to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants ever, El Loro. (A favorite also of Jen at a Prior Fat Girl!)

I ordered my super favorite old stand-by: Vegetarian Fajitas. I'm not in any way a vegetarian, but the first time I went to this restaurant (possibly almost 10 years ago now) I was. It is the only thing I've ever ordered there, and I feel no need to change that. I live less than a mile away from Mercado Central, a Latino neighborhood of Minneapolis with upwards of 20 Mexican owned restaurants of pure authenticity.

Let me tell you my friends, I walked in to that restaurant with a plan. I KNEW I was going to order a margarita. I planned for it. I also knew that this is the kind of joint that brings you endless baskets of homemade tortilla chips with delicious chunky salsa and queso fresco... and there they were. Hogging half the table, and sitting right between me and my lovely date. I didn't touch them. Not one frickin' bit. I plugged back in for 10 minutes to distract myself with Twitter until Justin finally made up his mind about what to order. I didn't even open the menu. I wasn't giving El Loro a single chance to mess up my plan. Just bring me the delicious.

So, I survived the dinner portion.

And because we decided to screw the white linen and opt for paper napkins, we knew we could play with the rest of our date budget. And play we did.... blackjack!

Next stop, Mystic Lake Casino. We have not been to the casino in about 3 years, and coincidentally the last time we went was on our Anniversary. We were in Duluth, had just finished dinner (de ja vu) and were walking down Lake Avenue and decided to stop at Fond-Du-Luth casino. We ended up winning $350 between the 2 of us and upgraded our hotel room to a ridiculous sweet. It was a blast.

This time, I was the only one who left a winner, but fun was had by all. And, I brought home the bacon. $280 worth. Hell yeah!

We decided to stop for a nightcap at our neighborhood bar. This I hadn't planned for, so I stayed safe with white wine. I knew I could afford 3 more measly points (3 because the servings are always bloated, not 5oz like they're supposed to be) and I wanted to enjoy the night.

Truly a fantastic day as a whole.

Today is a gorgeous day outside and I plan to get out and run the lakes. Remember how I power cleaned the house last weekend? Well, dog-sitting puppy has destroyed all that (along with 5 of our dog's toys), so I'll be keeping myself busy today with sweeping, washing floors, doing dishes and shaking out rugs. I think tonight the boys and I are going to rent UP and spend some downtime on the couch.

How are you staying busy today?


Heidi said...

a) awesome for you! way to stay on track even while celebrating. it's a good lesson for the rest of us in the lead up to the holidays. (and congrats on the anniversary).

b) juniper is a wonderful baby name.

c) heading to mystic lake next month, so i'm glad to see you had a fun time.

totegirl said...

Hot damn! Happy belated anniversary sweets! Glad you had a blast with your honey! The whole day sounds lovely!

antgirl said...

Happy Anniversary! Awesome & that you were ablet to keep to your plan, too. It's nice to win at the casinos. I usually end up making a donation. :)

Holly L. said...

Congratulations on a fantastic date and thank you for the thoughts on my blog. Dieting is totally such a mind came. I am so impressed with your night out. Especially because you had alcohol and still survived without eating that table cloth! I haven't had a drink since I started reading... Maybe I should test the waters with a planned beverage sometime?

Sonya said...

Happy Anniversary, dear Nic!

Holy moly for not eating those delicious, warm, crisp chips! That is serious willpower.

You are awesome. Plain and simple.