Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weigh To Go!

I'm a loser.


That's almost ALL of the ridiculous gain from last week. I am going to totally SMASH next week into the ground. I'm getting ready to sit down and make my meal plan through Friday, and then I will sit down again, reevaluate and we'll go grocery shopping for the weekend through Wednesday.

I'm feeling extremely motivated after more than a few kind words at my meeting tonight. My eye is on the prize: Weight Watchers Leadership. I'm going to have my own meeting, and it's going to rule, and the only thing standing between me and that is a measly 7lbs.

It's ON.


100in12 said...

I don't live where you live, nor am I in WW, but I would totally go to your meeting.

yay for the loss! way to rock it.

takinitoff said...

7lbs!? you're gonna own them! yess!

congrats on the loss! that's awesome! --Adrienne

Rebecca said...

hells yeah...

7 lbs is nuthin!!

counting down to December with you!

Del said...

you will make an awesome meeting leader!!! look out 7 pounds, Nic is coming to get ya!!!

BTW, thanks for the black tie advice, I am totally going to try the whole clutch in the right hand trick :)

Heidi said...

Oh my gosh. If you were a WW leader, I would drive all the way to Minneapolis for the meetings. Way to go!

Crystal said...

Congrats on your loss :)

jen said...

I think you'd make a great leader. Rock on.

Lor said...

i am SO proud and SO happy for you! GOD i wish you could be my leader! i mean, i LOVE my leader right now, but still. hah. good for you, girl. stick with it! YOU CAN DO THIS!