Friday, November 13, 2009

Time Out/Time Off

Ironically, the week I began taking more zinc is the week I started feel a bit under the weather. Last night, I gave myself a day off, a free pass, from working out. I was feeling some congestion in my chest and head and just didn't want to push it. Apparently, that time off was also a time out from any sort of meal plan.

You see, yesterday I had to give a presentation to my organization. We have tripled in size since I started working there 4 years ago, and we have a slew of new people who know nothing about the many program we run. Each month, during our all staff potlucks, each program director (out of 15 programs total now, compared to 7 when I started) gives a presentation on the history of their program, how it's grown, what they're doing now, etc. That PD also has to bring dessert for the whole organization. Well, I didn't want to think too much or try to hard with that part, so I ran to the coop on Wednesday night and picked up 8 boxes of Kashi Cookies. They're delicious, and I knew I could have one.

Little did I know, not too many people who take multiple cookies (as I had assumed) and there were probably 30 left over. Being the most idiotic one that I am, I brought them home.

Last night, after deciding not to work out, I did decide to eat about 1/2 of that big ass bag of cookies... blowing through my entire amount of flex points on the 2nd day of the week. A day without exercise.

I threw the cookies in the trash today, and poured old soup all over them in case I got desperate.

I'm trying to keep a positive outlook. Today hasn't been a great day, I haven't been following my meal plan, and I've been lazy and did not exercise again in the name of health. I did, however, break out the cookbooks and make a meal plan for Saturday through Friday of next week as well as a grocery list for tomorrow.

In the morning, I'm meeting a friend for Step class, and then fully intend to do a level of 30 Day Shred in the afternoon, as well as take the dog for some run/walk intervals if the rain lets up.

I've fallen short of my plan, and I'm disappointed, but realize that there is still a LOT of time to turn this week around. If I stop, right now, and get back on track, I've got 5 days to work incredibly hard and still see a loss, or even maintain. I will be happy with anything that does not set me back.

How do you pick yourself up when you fall?


100in12 said...

cookies! *shakes fist*

sounds like you're getting rid of temptation, planning, and tomorrow you'll be exercising! and MOST importantly is taking care of yourself, which you are doing too.

Kat (lowfatkat) talked about how sometimes she sees things as all-or-nothing in regards to good days or bad ones - and i think you are right in finding the positives - there are still good things you're doing!

so if you falter here or there, just try and do more and more of the positive things. then you simply won't have the time for the negative, or something...

...that, or ICE CREAM. Ice cream fixes things. kidding. cake fixes things.

Heidi said...

Throwing old soup on the cookies reminds me of when Miranda put dishsoap on a cake she couldn't stop eating on "Sex and the City."

I blew a lot of my flex last night going out with my best friend. For me, I tell myself that it's good I used them early because now I have to be on track until my Tuesday weigh-in. If I saved them until Sunday, maybe my results wouldn't be as good.