Saturday, November 21, 2009

Speedos to all, and to all a Good Night.

That is my Step teacher.

No, I'm not kidding.

Yes, he always wears that, though not always flesh colored.

This morning, Doug, the man to your right, kicked my ass. He also kicked two of my lady friends asses, and then our three kicked asses went out for coffee and breakfast.

I have to say, it might have been the absolute best way to start a weekend.

Even though Saturday Step is the way I spend EVERY Saturday morning, it's not often I am able to do it with 2 fantastic ladies and have girl talk after. We went to Common Roots and I had a Skim Miel and a small bowl of fruit (mostly cantaloupe). Great choices! I was proud.

These 2 ladies are also Weight Watchers. The two of them had never met, and I knew it would be gab at first sight. I was happy that we were all able to go out, because I love connecting new friends. I have been feeling down lately about how difficult it truly is to make new friends as an adult. It's awkward, like dating. Do I call her? Do I email her? How long should I wait? Will she remember me?

As a very extroverted being, it's not hard for me to make friends if I'm in a situation where I can talk, outloud, in a group. My weight watchers meeting has been fantastic for this. I've made a lot of connections here - and I love it because it's already something I'm doing for myself. My new gym is somewhat of a flop for socialization so far. It's really more of a fancy-pants kind of place so I don't have too much in common with the other clientele other than our love for fitness. I'm still trying to start some regular conversations, doing the head nod, the "Hello," etc.

Other than at work, where have you made friends as an adult?

I'm so incredibly grateful for the support I get from all of you. It's so interesting to me how easy it is to open up to "strangers" about such difficult subjects and I so appreciate all of your encouraging words and all the lessons (and tricks!) I have learned through comments on this blog. You are all lovely and I wish you all lived in Minneapolis, or within a close proximity. [Unless you live somewhere warm, in wish case... I'm packing my bags.]

I am actually. Packing my bags that is. Justin and I are headed to Sedona, AZ on December 19th for a little R&R. Just kidding, unless R&R stands for RED ROCK (HIKING), which it does. I'm so incredibly excited for this trip. Sedona isn't too warm that time of year, but it will be sunny and fall-ish weather, my favorite. I have planned 2 epic hikes, and we're also renting a car to make a trip to the Grand Canyon (for a hike). I found a great place on that is running a special for $100 per night. We'll have a full kitchen (YES, staying on track while on vacation!!!) and a private patio. Don't even THINK this vacation is going to derail my goals, if anything it will push me forward.

Hiking in a new state? YES PLEASE!

So, I've been smoke free for 7.5 hours. Last night, I had one cigarette left and I opted not to go buy more seeing as how my quit date was so close (Sunday). I had that cigarette around 10am this morning. I know that 7.5 hours might not sound long, but that's about 2-3x longer than I'm used to not smoking. Even watching a movie without a smoke break felt pretty rough sometimes.

This hasn't really been hard though. I've had a mug of tea and chewed a Tea Tree Oil stick. There was only one points where I felt I actually wanted a cigarette, and it quickly passed. I think the Chantix is working wonders and I'm very grateful to have that crutch. When I make it to Tuesday morning smoke free, I'm going to reward myself with a haircut. I need one desperately and that 3rd day (Monday) is always the worst for me.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I'll be out walking and running all day tomorrow, hopefully, to keep my mind off distractions and to test what 24 hours without a cigarette can do for your lungs.

Keep up the good work this weekend!


Bella said...

OMG are you serious about that picture? I don't think I could get over that. Hahahaha....
As for new friends, that is great, especially if they are also trying to lose weight. I don't have that as most of mine are skinny and the very few that aren't aren't making any effort to lose weight.

takinitoff said...

nic!? seriously!???? SERIOUSLY!? omg. that guy is your teacher in minneapolis!? i <3 minneapolis so much! :) hehe where do you work out again? i seriously want to come try out that class with you! :)

are you from minnesota? i work on a relocation team and the thing we hear over and over and over and over from our employees is that minnesotans aren't minnesota nice, they're minnesota ice. the employees say that minnesotans will be super nice to you, tell you about all the things they are up to and then subliminally say, BUT YOU'RE NOT INVITED. which is sad if you think about it :( but, i'm guilty as charged. i just get so caught up in doing whatever it is i do, that i forget to branch out. which makes me sad.

i think we should have a get together of all the weight loss bloggers in minneapolis. has anybody ever done that? seems like something jen (pfg) would do?

okay, sorry for the novel! :)--Adrienne

Holly L. said...

Oh that photo is hilarious! Congratulations on all your progress so far. I, too, have suffered the friend-making challenges, especially after relocating for my job... 3-1/2 years ago! We have friends at work and with our neighbors, but not bff connections made since I was in college... It is really tough. I haven't struck up any new convos at my gym either. It's tough! Congratulations on your no smoking work! Your vaca sounds like so much fun, too!

Sonya said...

OMG, that is a seriously AWESOME picture. It would make me want to show up for step every Saturday, that's for sure!

Friends ARE hard to make as adults. I hate putting myself "out there", but thank goodness for e-mail. You can always send a casual e-mail / facebook message and see where it takes you without looking like you're desperate, you know?

Awesome work, Nic!

nic said...

Yes, girls. I'm TOTALLY serious. That is my Step class.

Adrienne: my gym is called The Firm - and it's across the street from International Market Square. It's pretty expensive, which is new for me, but worth it considering how much I've gotten out of the change of scenery.

takinitoff said...

wow, that is pretty spendy, but that's awesome you actually found a gym that does what you need it to do! what has the change in scenery done for you? i've been at the same gym for like 4 years now, so i find that interesting... --Adrienne

She woke up FAT said...

OMG, that speedo should be outlawed.

Linz M said...

oh my god - I am not sure I could concentrate with my teacher in that get up! How funny :)