Saturday, November 7, 2009


I want to thank everyone for the overwhelmingly positive response to my Boobies or Bust post yesterday. I made every attempt to write that post with humor and positivity, because it's important to me for you to understand that I don't hate my boobs. They're fine. They're there. They kind of bug me but they're not like a giant life problem. However, I love the rest of my body, and I want to love it all.

I am definitely not the type of person to stand in the mirror and obsess over my "huge thunder thighs" or "cellulite city saddle bags." I try not to participate in those young-womanish conversations that come up so often in my group of friends. Talking about parts of your body that you're uncomfortable with is fine, but using such self-deprecating words only makes the wound bigger - and no longer just physical.

I thought, after a post like that, we should probably share our FAVORITE body parts - rather than focusing on the ones that are sort of so-so.

I love my hair. LOVE it. It's dark and swirly and out of control. It does what it wants, when it wants - just like me.
My arms and my shoulders carry the weight of so much in this world. My work, my family, myself. I challenge them to lift more than they want to, to the point of shaking, but they always comply. They are strong, sculpted and oh-so-sexy.
So PLEASE indulge me. What's your favorite part of you?


Doug said...

Nice hair. And shoulders. Hot :p

my 2cents - I am generally all against plastic surgery. It just looks fake a lot. And generally people who get it get way too much, all over. Just nast.

I think post weight loss surgery is fine though. Seems like you are just restoring what would have been without the massive weight gain, and loss.

Whatever. Do what you want, screw everyone else lol

Caitlin Murphy said...

I love it! You are right, you have gorgeous hair and arms!!! I think my favorite thing about me is my eyes and legs (lower legs right at the moment (I have some meanly defined calves but thighs need a little more work :)).

nic said...

Thanks guys!

Doug: I totally think you're right. That's a better description of how I've been thinking about it. "Corrective surgery." If someone broke your nose and it was crooked, you might want to fix it so it looks the way "it used to" or at least a close proximity. That's how I feel about this.

takinitoff said...

damn woman! your arms are hott!!!

as for corrective surgery, it's a great debate. i think i would do it. i've always wanted to have some that look awesome. i haven't been reading your blog for long, so i don't know this, but do you have kids yet or do you want to eventually? i'd want to research how it would effect breast feeding? that's always my concern...

totegirl said...

I love my legs. They can carry me no matter what I weigh. I love my hair. I love my eyes, even after retina surgery! I love my little wrists.

You are hot, fyi. Just an outsider's objective perspective!

Sonya said...

You are such a fit and beautiful girl! What an inspiration.:-)

I love my legs (knees down) - my calves are really strong. And my eyes. It took a lot for me to just write that, you know.