Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Screw Science.

The experiment is not working.

I was just as hungry as usual and now I only have 4.5 points left for dinner.

Thanks a lot, science.


The Black Kitteh said...

This made me LOL (but empathetically) . I hope you find the right combination soon. I hate when I am legitimately hungry and I still have hours before feeding time :(

Tina said...

It is not so much how much you eat...as it is WHAT you eat. What did you eat today?

nic said...

Hey Tina, thanks for stopping by. I totally understand the idea that its what you eat. I am not the kind of dieter who is all low-fat, fat free, processed bullshit.

I eat real food.

However, today I had yogurt, a banana and granola for breakfast, a whole grain wrap disguised as a pizza with black beans mashed in salsa with peppers, onions, broccoli, mushrooms and about 2 tbsp cheddar cheese. For a snack I had a latte and an apple with 1 tbsp PB

Doug said...

All you have to do is eat the goo they have in the matrix. for sure!