Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Night Fevah.

Today has been fantastic.

I went to Step at 8:30am and met up with my new friend we'll be calling "Other Nicole" for obvious purposes. She and I sweat it up with Doug, the crazy instructor who was wearing PANTS today. Granted they were zebra print leggings, but it was not his usual speedo and I was quite thrown off.

I am convinced that I always burn more calories when I go to a class with a friend. It is true of Spin when Darci comes, and it was true of Boxing when Justin came with, the theory rang true today as well when I racked up 7 APs for today's Step class compared to last weeks' 5. WOO HOO!

When I left the gym, I went to Target to pick up my Chantix. I'm quitting smoking. Did any of you (besides totegirl and Jessica) know that I smoke? I do. A lot. I've wanted to quit for a very long time, but I'm taking an actual step in the right direction now. My quit date is Thanksgiving, but technically, with the Chantix I will be quitting next Sunday the 23rd. Wish me luck (and faster speedier runs)!

I cleaned the house, top to bottom, just like I said I would. I also grocery shopped and took the dog for an epic walk and to the dog park.

Dinner was a delicious plate of Cabbage/Corn/Red Onion saute with a big sweet Italian turkey sausage and it was delicious. Great way to utilize leftovers.

I'm sipping a Diet A&W while I click clack away at a few projects I would be working on next week during the afternoons and weeknights. My girlfriend who was supposed to have her baby 12 days ago is being induced on Monday. We're watching their dogs for them while she's in the hospital and for the first couple days the baby is home to ease the transition. I assume this is going to be very difficult (the dogs are extremely poorly trained) for me, so I'm working on a Saturday night to save my sanity. Luckily, these dogs come with kennels.

So, in closing, completely OP day. Tomorrow will be too!

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100in12 said...

that dinner sounds fantastic! :-)