Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Po-tate-o Po-tot-o, Let's Call the Whole Thing TOTS

So, according to the No Mo' Potato Challenge, today I'd be reviewing my sparkling accomplishments. I'd be spelling out all the ways I was awesome and met every single TOTS I set last week.

Well I didn't.

You know what I did instead?

I quit smoking, so I win.

In a way, I'm kind of pretending that the challenge RE-starts today. I finally feel a little back to myself. Yesterday was a tough day, and I'm surprised it was the lowest of the binging for the past couple days. Just those Dove Chocolates, and nothing else.

So, this week, the TOTS are...

TOTS for the Week of 11/25-12/1

  • Track Everything. Even if the binging comes back. Stop, think, track and then eat. If I have to track before I eat something (which I typically don't) then it might change things around. So, I'll track every morsel FIRST.

  • SWEAT 6 days a week. This might end up being 7. I realized that Sunday and Monday of this week mostly sucked because I didn't SWEAT. That's not to say I didn't do any exercise, but I didn't work hard, and I always feel motivated after a good workout. I made a fitness schedule and I fully intend to follow it.

  • Plan Tomorrow's Meal Plan Today. Each night, I'll sit down and make a meal plan for the next day. I do this most of the time, but lately it's been difficult. I'll factor in room for little snacks, but I WILL follow this plan. I have to, because I want to.

  • Stay SMOKE FREE! Woo hoo!

So, next week, I will come back and being a shining example of goal setting and reaching. Today is off to a fantastic start. I ate breakfast according to my meal plan and I packed my snack. I spent about 10 minutes stretching, relaxing with coffee and petting the dog as a way to calm myself before work.

I really feel like I'm starting to be ME again and not some hormonal lack-of-nicotine monster. I can't believe the Triple Whammy. I also can't believe I did it with some success!

Today at 2pm I will have reached my 100th hour smoke free. I'm rewarding myself with a Latte.


Rebecca said...

seriously... i've been waiting for the perfect time to have a (starbucks) latte... i just want one of those red cups!

your doing great...seriously... i think it's so fabulous your tackling this before Thanksgiving and not waiting till January 1st!

what are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Rapunzel said...

Congratulations on the no smoking! As someone who lost her mother to lung cancer this year, you have no idea how happy it makes me every time someone tells me that.

nic said...

Awe, Rapunzel, thank you.

Rebecca: My family and I are headed over to my Aunts, which is a big challenge and I'll write about it tomorrow (I'm used to cooking ALL the sides and desserts... WW friendly for 2 years) I'm bringing a couple things without really asking and offered to make my famous cranberry relish (recipe tomorrow) for dessert. It's good all winter long, not just at Thanksgiving!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Great job on the decision to go smoke-free. Good luck with it!

Delanie said...

Wow, i had some cathcing up to do in your bolg! First of all congrats on being a non smoker, that is a HUGE accomplishment!!! Don't beat yourself up about eating too much this week, that pecan pie is only 500 calories once, quitting smoking will benefit your health for the rest of your life! Great job!

Holly L. said...

Congratulations on all your no smoking success! I can't imagine trying to focus on quitting smoking AND healthy eating AND exercise... You've got a full plate and I think you're doing fantastic with it!

AMK said...

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