Monday, November 23, 2009

USAA: Un Smokers Are Awesome

The part Uncle Sam doesn't mention at the bottom of his ultra clever poster is that he wants you to put down that cigarette so you can pick up cookies/a turkey burger/a bag of pirate's booty/ice cream/whatever seems edible.
Saturday actually went amazing. I checked in with y'all after 7 hours, and I was doing fine. I stayed on plan all night long. Sunday I woke up feeling WIPED OUT. I laid around for most of the morning, lamenting life, drinking coffee, dozing in front of the TV between bloated bowls of cereal.
I didn't track anything.
Sunday night, Jessica and I and a new friend Renee headed to see Precious. I packed all my own snacks. I weighed them, packaged them, etc. I didn't track the points for them of course, and I also ate all of them before the first half of the movie had shown. They were healthy though, just in bulk.
Sunday did contain a massive NSV. Whilst shopping the mall before our movie date, Jessica found a pair of 8 Short jeans on the clearance rack. Since she is very tall, she handed them over. Just to try. And try I did. AND PURCHASE I DID because the jeans are hot.
So, I fit into the coveted size 8. That means I'm perfect now right?
Sunday continued to be horrible after the movie when I came home and made myself a Lean Cuisine lasagna and a huge pile of roasted veggies (sounds good right?) followed by an entire freezer's worth of desserts.
Today I was wiped again. I took my vitamins twice though, in an attempt to pick things up. I ate too much cereal, but I recognized it right away. I skipped lunch because I genuinely wasn't hungry (when I say too much cereal, I mean 3 bowls... ok?). Now I'm headed out for sushi with a friend I haven't seen in a long time. We're going to talk goals, for her - not me, which will be very helpful in reminding me how EASY it is to tell someone else how EASY everything is to do, even though it's not. But it kind of is. Really. I mean, 10 years of smoking and I've already made it 57 hours! Every minute feels like torture but I'M DOING IT.
Also, Jessica says that quitting smoking trumps dieting right now. I agree with her, but I'm still going to follow through with my No Mo' Potato Challenge. I just might not score well this week.
So - basic summary: I'm 57 hours smoke free, I'm over eating, I've acknowledge it and it stopped 5 hours ago. I made a meal plan for tomorrow which involves small meals all day long to help with the fact that I can't stop eating. I also intend to run to my friend's house to visit her new baby and then run home and also go to Boxing Class because I have some serious angst to punch out.
I apologize for not commenting on your blogs for the last few days. I did just catch up, but only commented where I felt it extremely necessary. I think you're all awesome and tomorrow I return to my routine.


takinitoff said...

57 hours smoke free!? ROCK, ROCK, ROCK!!!! That's awesome.

NSV? sorry, new to the blogosphere :)

100in12 said...

lurrrve those numbers!

57 - freaking sweet.

8 - hotness.

Meet Virginia said...

You rock! Acknowledge today was not great and move on. Way to go for making a plan for tomorrow.

Wake up in the morning and think about the girl that sat by those yummy chips and did not touch them!! Think about the girl that is the new WW leader in January.

Congrats on the new shorts!! Your blog often inspires me.

Continuous Changes said...

Quitting smoking is hard, but stick to it!! You're doing great :))

Tiffany said...

Quitting smoking is hard...kudos! I've been there. At this point I agree with your friend, pick one thing to concentrate on...not smoking. Once that gets easier you can get the eating back totally in control. Obviously try not to go hog wild, but grant yourself a little latitude. Size 8 is awesome too BTW. I just hit that one myself. And yes, your comment on my blog about the last 5 lb frenzy is true...Deep down I am afraid to succeed and say "Look what I did". Guess I'll have to get over it :) Hang tough ex-smoker!