Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh Oh Oh!

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New No Mo' Potato Challenge goal: 5.4lbs



Rebecca said...

and you were all worried!!!!

how fabulous!!!

and it's a new low!!!

Meet Virginia said...

That is awesome! Own it!
I noticed that Dec 7th is 2 years from the day you started. I got a feeling you are gonna hit your goal by then!
Great work! Have a fantastic week!

takinitoff said...

WOOOHOOO! You're all over it! 5.4!? done and done! yay! --Adrienne

Heidi said...

I'm so happy for you. Guess there was no reason to be worried after all. ;)

You'll be a leader in no time.

5.4 pounds is nothin' for you.

nic said...

OH GOD Meet Virgina, I wish, but I know I can't pull off 5lbs in 2 weeks. I'll sure try, and I'm not writing it off, but I'm CERTAINLY not counting on it.

Thanks everyone. I'm feeling super pumped. Even though it's not a huge difference, just LOOKING at 5.4 instead of 7.2 feels awesome.

Jessitracker said...

Way to go!!!!

Lor said...

WAY TO GO!! you're in the home stretch!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and stay strong!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am SO proud!

Sonya said...

Oh, Nic - that is SO awesome.:-) SO SO SO awesome.

In the teeny-tiny home stretch now.

Kick that 5.4lbs in the butt. And then some.:-)

totegirl said...

Oh hell yeah!!!! WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!

Del said...

You are awesome!!!