Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nudge Me.

The reality of my current situation is setting in, and it's making me all the more wise to the fact that I REALLY need the No Mo' Potato Challenge right now. You know what else I need?

Your help.

Remember how I said I was quitting smoking? Well that day is just 4 short days away. I feel like a mad woman attempting to lose the final 7lbs AND quit smoking at the same time, but I know I am stronger than I feel, and I can absolutely do this. I just need you to nudge me.

I need your strategies. I need you to hold me accountable. I don't want another cookie episode. I WANT this. I CAN do this, I just sometimes forget that.

Today is the first day of the No Mo' Potato Challenge and I've already planned out my meals, dessert too, to be no MORE than 21 points and contain my Good Health Guidelines, so I'm fueling rather than feeding. My sweat session will be run/walk intervals around Lake Nokomis (twice) with the crazy dog we are dog sitting, and I bought a new notebook last night to hold my evening reflections on the day that passed and strategies for success for the day to come. I feel very prepared. I love this feeling all too much because I know it doesn't last long. I'm brainstorming right now how to bottle it up so I can get it back when I need it, but so far... no great ideas.

Instead I usually end up with one of these...

My plan today is to simply keep my spirits high and expect the best. I'm totally unsure how my weigh in is going to read out tonight. I genuinely had a HORRIBLE start to this week, picked it back up, dropped it a few times and got back on track. I guess my *hope* is that I maintain or lose at least a little bit, but I hold no expectations at this point.

No matter what, I will not let it kill my motivation, though it might change my ultimate goal for the Challenge.

What are you doing this morning to make today a better day?


Sonya said...

Jeez, I had some catching up to do on your blog after just a day! All this talk about tater tots is making me peckish.;-)

I'm here to support you and will check in everyday.

I'm not sure where you ended up landing on your philosophical debate re: exercise. At the end of the day, though, exercise begets good eating (for me). So today, I'm going to get my butt to spinning class in the evening. I'm also going to go for a walk in the sun before it starts pissing rain tomorrow.

And every time my hands start trembling from sugar withdrawal, I'm going to quell the anxiety with rooibos tea. And chores.:-)


Sonya said...

By the way - I KNOW you can lick smoking at the same time. You've got some serious determination in you. It's going to be *really* hard if you're going cold turkey, but might as well get all the physical withdrawal symptoms over with at once, right?

100in12 said...

when you say you enjoy that feeling because it doesn't last long...MAKE it last long! just keep doing it.

you've been good for me and calling me out on when i've been slipping or good things that i've done, so i'll try and do the same for you!

i'm totally impressed that you're going to try and get those last pounds and quit smoking at the same time. you're kind of superwoman for going for it.

you're tough. i know you can do it.

Doug said...

Quitting smoking and losing weight sucks. but it's possible :)

Drinking delayed my quitting smoking many months. Definitely increases cravings and decreases the ability to say no.

Remembering hacking up a lung after going for a run helped me quit. Every time I saw someone smoking, I thought about that run and how painful and gross it was.

The worst part was the first week or two when my lungs rebelled and seemed to get much worse from not smoking. Coughing more, wheezing more, ugh it gives me shivers to think of trying to breathe back then.

Going for a quick walk when I wanted to have "one last" cigarette helped as well.

Good luck.

totegirl said...

Look woman. I want you to promise me one thing. Please take some vitamins while you are quitting smoking. Specifically B vitamins. I swear they helped!

Also, F*CK YEAH!!!!!!!! Yeah, I want in on your challenge, even though I suck ass at challenges. But I am proud of you for setting your mind to your goals. How can you not succeed? Oh I know. If you aren't patient and kind to yourself, so please do that as you work on your goals. And I'll do the same!

Holly L. said...

NUDGE! There? Feel better? :) I totally relate to your post. The ebb and flow of motivation, sigh... But we have both been reading some Beck and we KNOW that this time is different. I will be adding your tates to my blog and the challenge is officially on!

Rebecca said...

ill nudge you alright...on twitter that is! just let me know if it's ever too much. wouldnt want to turn into the food police! god those people are annoying!

just to be clear: i'm not nay-saying or not supporting but you have picked a lofty goal.

i totally 100% believe you can do this, if you stick to your guns but hot damn... quitting smoking, losing weight and all while the Holidays!? your going to be a real hero to all of us... no pressure there nic!

i can't wait to see you achieve your goals!

Continuous Changes said...


I'm a new reader, love your blog!!

I must say, I did Chantix to quit smoking as well, but stopped taking them at week 4. I thought I was as good as golden! Wrong! I battled for 2 years to quit smoking. I'd quit for 3 months and start for 5 months and back and forth! I am now smoke free for (almost) 5 months and I feel great! I started running when I was stressed and that helped so much!

Good luck, you can do it!!

shamrock said...

Here are some random tips that helped me.

1. Get those flavored toothpick chewing sticks. It helps relieve stress and it's good to have something in your mouth that you can gnaw on.

2. Make yourself a bracelet or sticker or write this on your hand: "I am NOT a smoker." It feels good to see it in writing and gave me some strength even though sometimes it was only true for a few hours.

3. Sauna! I heard it helps you get over the physical addiction part a little bit faster because you sweat out the toxins. I'm not sure if this is true, but it is relaxing.

4. Replace smoking with a brand-new hobby. Something you can healthfully obsess over for a month or two. Weight loss and exercise are good, but novelty is helpful too.

5. Journal and ask for help and think positively and do all the good things you're already doing. Just do them more, if that's possible.

6. Take a picture of your face. An up-close picture. After a few days of not smoking, take another one. I bet you'll be able to see at least a little bit of a difference. That's great motivation!

7. Visit NYC. :-)

I hope at least some of this helps! Good luck, I know you can do it!

Del said...

I am impressed, trying to quit smoking and loose those last few pounds at the same time... wow! I have no doubt that you can do it though!

When a friend of mine was trying to quit smoking, he found that the only thing that could get him through a craving was to step outside and take 10 very deep breaths. He said he was as much addicted to having a minute or two of quiet outside as the smoking, and allowing himself those few minutes really helped with the cravings.

You are a total rock star, you can do it!