Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Little Tea Pot....

My little tea pot, short and stout... you save the day when I'm about to shout.
Boiling up some water for my treat... with these zero-point drinks there's no need to eat.

In the colder weather my appetite starts to change. I crave heartier, meatier, starchier foods... but I also begin to salivate at the thought of rich flourless tortes or fluffy spiced cakes. Point being: I want a lot of things I don't need. Those cravings can easily be sliced and diced by having just a little taste of what I'm looking for.

Alpine Sugar-Free Spiced Cider

(15 cal/0 fat/0 fiber = 0 points)

This is a damn tasty fall treat. Craving apple pie? No need!

Swiss Miss Sensible Sweets Diet Hot Cocoa

(25 cal/0 fat/1 fiber = 0 points)

This has rescued me from so many desserts I couldn't "afford." It's a little hard to stir up, but absolutely worth the effort. Add a dollop of Reddi-Whip Free (0 points) or 2 Marshmallows (1 point) for a little excitement!

Traditional Medicinals Gypsy Cold Care Tea
(2 cal/0 fat/0 fiber = 0 points)
Because we're headed into cold and flu season, I usually have a cup of this delicious tea daily. It's got a licorice-y taste that really soothes me after a stressful day and helps my immune system to boot!
What's your favorite "free" drink?


Heidi said...

I'm also a big fan of tea. I try to have five or so varieties to satisfy different cravings.

I have a peppermint tea that I mix with sugar-free hot cocoa for an awesome Christmas-y point-free drink.

Kassie said...

Chamomile tea almost every night before bed. I also like to make ginger tea with just fresh ginger chunks and hot water.

Bare It All said...

I love tea, but hot chocolate and apple cider sound delicious. Definitely putting these on my shopping list this week. :) Thanks.

100in12 said...

well i already mentioned how much i love my peppermint tea - and Heidi above just BLEW MY MIND with the pepperminte tea and hot cocoa?! HOW HAVE I NOT DONE THAT!!? Sorry, I got shouty. I am excited to make this asap, and drink it every day until I die.

And I'm totally gonna jump on that apple cider bandwagon too. Excellent drinks my dear!

Meet Virginia said...

I am loving me some Teavana.com. Great teas of all shapes and sizes. Some are crazy expensive, but some affordable. I am partial to the oolong and the info says that it is known as the weight loss tea, because it boosts your metab. And the MateVana is delish and curbs your appetite.

I LOVE LOVE your blog. I am very new to blogville and only opened mine up this past weekend. Happy sipping...

Jessitracker said...

I've tried to jazz up my hot cocoa before with a drop of almond extract mixed in, a dollop of Reddi-Wip and a bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top. Almond-cinnamon cocoa! Mmmmm.