Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ms. Jackson if you're nasty.


We all have it, but damned if we ever feel that we do.

One of my all-time biggest pet peeves is the age old excusing exclamation "My family and friends are trying to make me fat!"

[cue harsh rant]

First of all, no one can "make" you fat. Secondly, you're probably already fat.

No offense, it's ok. We (weight loss bloggers) all start that way, remain that way for a while or stay that way at times in our respective journeys. I say you're probably fat because you probably act fat or have acted fat in the past.

Rule of thumb to remember in regards to family and friends: As hard as it is for you to make smart and healthy choices daily, it's just as hard for them to wrap their heads around the person you are choosing to be now.

Because it is a choice.

A choice only you control.

If your family and friends are shoving food down your throat or switching out your skim milk for heavy cream, then you've got bigger problems and are allowed to complain (and also maybe call the police).

So you're out with the girls for happy hour, right? Someone orders some pub sliders (yum). Did she just try to make you fat? Probably, secretly in her head she was like "I'm going to spend $12 of my hard earned money on trying to set Cindy back in her weight loss journey because I dislike her SO much that I'm out to happy hour with her. I'll also order dessert. That'll show her."

Get over yourself! People order food they like, that they want to eat, and just because it's on the table does NOT mean you need to eat it. Do you eat the sugar packets that are set out for coffee? Consider your friends' food "decoration." It's plastic [and it very well might be] and you couldn't eat it if you tried. Strategize, because it's not fair for them to give up the meal they want just because you're trying to lose weight.

The fact of the matter is that choosing to take a healthier path is your journey, and no one else's. We can't force those around us to eat healthfully in the same manner that they can't force us to eat crap. Owning the fact that it's a choice and remembering to choose it every day will fill you with power, confidence and a sense of control. As you see more and more successes, your family and friends will adapt to "the way you are now" and stop trying to "make you fat."

Get it? Now shut up about it.


Bare It All said...

This is good for me to remember as I head to MN for Thanksgiving. My boyfriend's family are great cooks especially when it comes to high fat, high sugar, carb overloads. Oh bars, why do you have to be so good?

I will arm myself with the argument you make and some gum to keep my mouth full. Thanks Nic!

Syl said...

Very true, we are all accountable for our own destiny, only we can achieve what we set out to. Great post!

Sonya said...

God, I love your posts.

Rebecca said...

oh man... i've so been there done that.

i think when your ready to make that change, is when your thinking changes.