Monday, November 9, 2009

Just For Today.

Last night, we attended a family potluck at my Dad's house. I chopped up rutabega, parsnips, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes and red cabbage which I braised in red wine and brown sugar. I also made my delicious adopted dessert of pumpkin pie pudding parfait to share.

I had a plan, and I had 10 points. My veggies were merely 1 point per (MASSIVE) serving and I knew I could rescue myself from the 3 other dessert options by bringing my own. The protein was salmon (3.5 for 3oz) and there would also be brussel sprouts in oil (1) and wild rice (0 because I hate it and won't touch it). My plan was a 7.5 point plan, which meant I could certainly indulge in a glass of red wine.

And I did.

2 glasses of it, which for someone who doesn't drink too often is a little too much. That 1 serving of pumpkin pie pudding parfait turned into 2, and didn't rescue me from my sister's homemade apple crisp with fresh cranberries (and cinnamon ice cream), or the slice of real pumpkin pie that my dad really wanted me to have.

The red wine crumpled up and threw away my plan and left 2 Reese's PeanutButter Cups in it's place. [I ate them both] Did you know how many points those things are!?! 5. EACH. I have avoided them for 2 years because I knew it would be bad, but 5 each? 2 was 10.5 more points on top of my already negative score.

If you haven't read Jack Sh*t's post from today yet, go.

You'll understand now, that I'm ok. Yesterday is gone, today is a new day. I actually did track each and every indiscretion of my plan, and I still have 16 Activity Points and I'm headed out for a 6.2 mile run in an hour. I also have Step class tonight, and Boxing tomorrow. I'm determined to finish out this week (and this day) with dignity, and a wider gap between the Activity Points I do have and the one's I've used.

I'm re-writing my meal plan for the day to include more protein and I'm tweaking a few things for the rest of the week so I can do my best to not dip into more Activity Points but simply utilize my daily points target with the best choices I can make. I'm also reflecting on the sheer amount of pride I have in the fact that I did track all of these things, though the thought (and actual act) made me cringe. I wanted to hide this from the world, but admitting it, owning it, and turning it around helps me move forward to this new day.

Moving forward is my goal for today. What's yours?


Rapunzel said...

Excellent goal! Yesterday is indeed over, no need to revisit it. :)

My goal for today is to stay On Program despite the fact that My Man is taking me out to dinner...always a challenge for me!

Lor said...

MOVING is my goal. MOVING. i am no motivation to get to the gym. how do you earn your points? I have no option of taking classes because i go to an anytime fitness... which doesnt have classes. i have an elliptical, treadmill and weight machines.

my "typical" routine -- when i'm going to the gym -- is to do the "fat burn" setting on elliptical for 1/2 hour, walk at a 3.0 or above pace on the treadmill. this earns me 4 lousy points, according to the ap points finder.

once i get to the gym, its not really that bad -- but i dread going and make 1,000 excuses why i shouldn't go. when i KNOW that its not only good for my weight loss, it's good for my well being. i guess i'm just looking for a little encouragement, and possibly, how do you get moving so regularly, especially when it's the last thing you want to do?

thanks, girl. and i'm proud of you for tracking everything!!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

The only reason to revisit yesterday is to learn something from it. I have the same problem with beer. After two or three, I generally utter those four words that have killed more diets than anything else: "Oh, what the hell?" Now, I nurse one beer and pat myself on the back for showing a little restraint in the face of temptation.

Good post (and thanks for the shout-out).

totegirl said...

Oh Nic! I love your attitude! Yeah, so you feel like you fucked up. I get it. But you are moving on. I love it!

My goal for today is to be gentle and loving and patient with myself. Beating myself up will not encourage the good behaviors that I've worked hard to instill.

Bare It All said...

Oh man, I hate tracking things like that. It's like a little painful pinch with each one. But it does allow you to move on and let it go. Good for you.