Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Can Do Anything You Can Do Better.

So yesterday as I was working through my blog roll, catching up on the newest happenings in all of your lives, I came across this post on Cranky Fitness in which Jo tries a totally unscientific experiment. This caught my interest yesterday, as I was also conducting my own little science experiment.

Reading about Jo's supplements made me realize that since Jessica introduced me to the BEST VITAMINS EVER, I had dropped all other supplements from my daily routine.

Lemming that I am, I broke out the ol' pillbox. Yep. A pillbox. And I headed to my co-op to pick up some much needed additions to my nutrient supply. I grabbed Ultra-Omega - a super blend of all the fatty acids your body loves so much, Zinc - because if Jo is right and they reduce sugar cravings I am 100% on board, and Evening Primrose Oil.

Yesterday when I read that post, I was trying to figure out how/why/where I knew Evening Primrose from. Why did I know that exists, it's not like a common knowledge type of supplement. And then I remembered....

Sally gives it to her captor in a Nightmare before Christmas to knock him out so she can go explore. Of course it makes sense that it's a natural sleep aid.

I tried it last night, and because it was only one night and I was already pretty tired, I can't give an accurate report, but I CAN attest to the fact that I woke up only once throughout the night, which is damn good. I am generally tossing and turning at 5-6 times in the 5-6 hours of sleep that I get.

If the Evening Primrose had anything to do with that, I'm sold.

What kind of supplements do you take? Anything weird?


shamrock said...

I'm intrigued by your best vitamin ever, but it looks like something from a bad informercial. Is it for real? Why do you like it so much?

nic said...

It DOES look totally hilarious. It's the primary/tropical color scheme.

They're just wonderful vitamins. They're liquid, tasty, and you can actually TELL when you don't take them. There is a difference in energy, in stamina, etc.

When I was taking crappy One-a-Days I could go weeks without taking them and never notice.

Jessitracker said...

Well you know I take the "best vitamins ever"! Hehe. I also always take a liquid Cal/Mag. This is the best brand I have found for calcium/magnesium, which I think is important for a woman to take daily:

Also, be careful with zinc. There is already plenty of zinc in the multi vitamin. If you take too much of it and on a regular basis you can screw up your immune system and apparently it's really bad for your liver.

I keep elderberry zinc lozenges on hand for when I feel like I might be coming down with something, but beyond that I don't take them.

Linz M said...

I take Aloe vera gel every morning but that's it at the moment.

I think I'll have to try the Evening Primrose oil as sleeping through the night is something I just don't do.

I'm off to get me some now!

Jessitracker said...

OH - also, I just remembered what Joe always recommended to me if I had problems sleeping. It's called Valerian Root.

He said he used to take it during stressful times in college and it helped him sleep and gave him really neat dreams.

nic said...

and THAT'S funny because it's in the movie WILLOW. The best movie of all time. Val Kilmer's character tries to give it to a baby to put "hair on its chest."

Jambam said...

I would second valerian root. You can get a supplement called "Deep Sleep" at any co-op made with Valerian. I was going through a severe insomniac period and went to the doctor who went on to subscribe a heavy duty sleeping pill which 1. Didn't help me sleep 2. Made me feel awful and 3. Was totally dangerous.

I went to the co-op and the Valerian root worked so, so well. You have to take it for a little while before it starts working.

I am glad to hear the vitamin recommendations as I was using all natural children's chewables which I liked and then I switched to One-A-Day or Centrum or something but don't really like it. I will have to try the liquid stuff. I should probably try and find an additional calcium supplement.

Does anyone know about taking Vitamin D supplements to ward off the winter blues?

jen said...

I did a whole blog post about this, but the short version: Maxine Multi with Iron for women, Vitamin D, selenium, fish oil, and flaxseed oil.

The evening primrose oil sounds promising -- though I've been using Rescue Remedy Sleep and it seems to do the trick.

antgirl said...

I started Enzymatic AM/PM perimenopause formula. Found it at WF's. I've been taking it about 1.5 months. It has made a biiig difference in my hormone swings. Also helps me sleep better.

I also drink licorice root tea at least once a day to help my carpal tunnel. Licorice root does about 50 things for the body. Including helping to control estrogen surges and dips.

I've also started taking glucosamine 750/chondroitin 600, again for my arm troubles.

I also use a white noise machine to help me sleep.