Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Haunts - A Scary day Photo Spectacular!

Oh boy.

Let me preface this post by explaining that I fell off the wagon hardcore yesterday. It had absolutely nothing to do with candy, but rather a reuniting of old friends with bad habits. We have out of town guests this weekend and through the week, and man do they (and we, or more specifically I) love to eat! In fact, when they used to live here, that's all we did. So, it's quite natural that's what we would do when they visit.

I opted to give myself somewhat of a "reasonable free pass" yesterday to get the bad stuff out of the way and continue on my healthy path through the week. The Free Pass did not include not tracking, so I did, and yesterday I consumed 59.5 points. I get 21 in a day. Lucky me for having most of my weekly points allowance (35, I had 28) and 15 APs in the bank. So Kiddos, I'm not in the red for the week, but I will have to be very strict with my food for the remainder of their visit, and also REALLY pick up the pace at the gym this week.


So, yesterday was the Monster Dash 5k here in Minneapolis. It's an annual run that includes a Half-Marathon, a 10 mile, and a 5k. Apparently the 5k is looked upon as more of a fun run, but it wasn't that fun. I'm glad I ran, but I made bad time because of the ridiculous crowd of people.

Here they are, NOT lined up according to pace, with many walkers in the front.

Literally, the first 2 minutes of my "run" (aka after I crossed the starting line) was all walking. Walking into the backs of people, walking to get around people. This crowd was massive and unorganized. There were groups walking 5 abreast on a parkway, which is all they provided for 5k people to run a 5k. (Clever. See what I did there? 5k 5k?) I was frustrated, couldn't maneuver around them, and it took me until after mile 2 to find enough room to fall into my pace. This was VERY difficult for me because I am a pace runner. I run at exactly the same speed all the way until the last 1/4 mile when I pick it up. This idiot mob forced a lot of slow down speed up which tired me out fast. I ended up crossing the finish line at 31:42, 12 seconds slower than my first 5k. Though, if I wanted to be cheaty about it, it was really more like 29:42 because those first 2 minutes of walking shouldn't count. AND, since this race wasn't even chip-timed, I'm going to tell people I crossed the finish line in 18:16. But not you, obviously.

Here we are Pre-Race... Happy and Chipper. The cat burglar and the raccoon lady.

Here is Jessica crossing her first "official" finish line!!! She made amazing time despite the crowd! SO INCREDIBLY PROUD!

I rolled up about 4 minutes later and we celebrated the end of the craziness.

So, Yesterday was also Halloween. Here are obligatory costume photos.

Eli as the world's most adorable Police Man ever. (That is what he wants to be when he grows up, at least this week, so we approved the costume. It might come in handy someday.)

And there's me as the Bearded Lady and Justin as a Ventriloquist's Dummy.

To be fair, for yesterday's fiasco, I didn't touch a single piece of candy. Not one. I was offered many. So there must be some credit given for that. I've got a plan for today to get me 100% back on track [which is good, because I don't have a lot of leeway with points now] and I'm going to take the dog for a big walk while everyone is still sleeping.

How did your Halloween go?


Doug said...

halloween was awesome. right now = not so awesome.

I was trying to chat up some girl and ate drunk food too. And lots of treats at the party I was at.. Ugh I'm going to have to really work out HARD today.

Cute photos!!

Kassie said...

My Sister in Law was sort of bummed with the race too. She was running her first half marathon. The last mile or more was her trying to dodge people leaving as well as the 5k peeps walking 4 abreast. It was not good for her morale.

Losing Waist! said...

And how many gave themselves free passes? I know I did, and regretted it- as you read. I love that you did a bearded lady!!

I think that about 15 other bloggers in health quests had challenges this weekend. Good times.

You will be back on top in no time, but from the tone of the post I think you already know that.

CaSaundraLeigh said...

Looks like you had a fun Halloween!!!

totegirl said...

Much credit is given to you! I think you handled the weekend just beautifully! And YAY on the 5k. So your time wasn't the best. I don't have a time to tell you because I was mostly a lazy ass!

CUTIE! You and your adorable family!