Sunday, November 15, 2009

The End of an Era.

Goodbye YWCA. I always loved you, even when I hated you.

I joined the Midtown YWCA (Minneapolis) 2 years ago now, coinciding with my joining Weight Watchers and trying to turn my life around.

I've lifted countless weights within these walls, danced my way through many a Zumba class and ran my first full mile (as an adult) without stopping.

I would rip out the new strength training plan every month when my Fitness Magazine arrived and run to the gym to give it a try. That was always my favorite thing, getting a chance to switch it up.

This building is truly where I made so many of my physical progress. It built my confidence and allowed me to really push myself as far as I now know I can go. Unfortunately, everyone needs change, and my new gym is exactly what I need *now*. That's not to say I won't return to the YWCA. It is awfully convenient (just a hair under 1 mile from my house via bike trail) and has an indoor track and pool which my new gym does not. I'll still get to visit every week on Wednesdays for my Weight Watchers meeting.

I had a great last workout at the Y today. I jumped at my chance to attend CardioKick, a high impact kickboxing class with lots of shuffling and jumping and kicking and punching, oh my! I also ran one final mile around that indoor track, hating every minute of it. I truly detest running inside. I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune when it's -15 degrees here, but for now, I can tolerate it.

Can you remember the ONE thing that really pushed you forward with your fitness efforts? What was it?


takinitoff said...

congrats! i'd be interested in hearing what made you decide to change gyms. i'm so close to the beginning of my journey that i don't even know what i need :) --Adrienne

nic said...

Thanks Adrienne!

I switched gyms because my interests needed to be satsified. I now know that classes are definitely my strong points. If I have SOMEWHERE to be at a CERTAIN TIME, I'm going to be there. I'm far more likely to skip on solo workouts.

The YWCA has everythings anyone starting out could need. Free weights, great classes, indoor track, all the cardio machines. I simply found working out there to be a pain after a while because a lot of the members consider the Elliptical the epitome of cardio workouts, and I am just beyond that. It sounds snobby, but it's true.

My new gym offers a new variety of classes (I've started boxing, and spinning in a way the Y could never offer) as well as an entire floor of free weights versus the puny (to me) area the Y offered. It makes me feel more comfortable to be working out amongst people who are taking it seriously, versus people seemingly "phoning it in" at the Y.

But when it boils down to it, I really just needed a change of scenery, the same way people take a different turn when they're walking.

Raiya's mum said...
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Sonya said...

Hands down, I think it was running. A few years ago, I dropped a lot of weight. I used to work out at the gym, and started running on the treadmill. First, I'd run for 1 minute, then two, then three, etc. Eventually, I'd run for almost fifteen minutes - sometimes sprinting, and sometimes on an incline!

The defining moment was when I decided to take my running outside for the first time. I didn't think I'd make it past a single block! Lo and behold, I ran and ran and ran - almost 5K without stopping.

The high after I accomplished that was indescribable.

jen said...

The biggest thing for me was deciding to train for my first triathlon. But there have been a lot of little important steps along the way: Starting to run again. Seeing a nutritionist. Going to my first Weight Watchers meeting. Taking my first Pilates Reformer class. Joining a swim group. Etc. Congrats for realizing it was time to move on.

Losing Waist! said...

When I saw my biceps for the first time. I was joking around with my husband, showing him my monster muscles in my arm- I thought I saw something, and rushed to a mirror to find out that I had biceps! From then on I was on fire for my fitness, and seeing new muscles.

AND to your offer- I would love to hear about your struggles/triumphs etc- there is no PhD-ish here! My email is

takinitoff said...

that makes sense! well, that's awesome you recognized that and made the change. i think i just need to start utilizing my gym to it's fullest ability instead of "phoning it in" on the elliptical (LOVE the jillian reference!).

thanks for the info - i'd love to keep hearing more about your workouts! it's a place i'm struggling in right now. one of many :) --Adrienne