Saturday, November 14, 2009

Clean Slate.

My friends, in the next few days you may find me posting at an obnoxious rate, but bare with me. Last night, as I was planning out my meals and making the grocery list, I made a separate list of all the fail-safe ways I know to keep me on track.

Blogging regularly is one of them.

Planning is another. I know that I need my meal plan and I know that I need to treat that meal plan as the Holy Grail. If I can get in the mindset where the items on my plan are the ONLY things available to me, I'm gold.

Scheduling is another big one. If I can overschedule myself with tasks, I can keep my mind off snackily grazing all day. Today, after my Step date with Other Nicole and my Shower Date with myself (going on 4 days, gross), I'll be cleaning the house top to bottom. A) It really needs it. The house smells as bad as I do. B) This is going to take a long time. Possibly all day, and when I start something like this, I get manic about finishing it. I also have no idea how to do a half-assed job with anything except dieting. I'm talking toothbrush to the heat vents. I even wipe down the floorboards, and yes, I'm available for hire.

Visualizing my goal is something I've been trying to focus on. It's gotten exceedingly harder the closer I get to my Goal Weight, because truly, I'm happy where I am. At this point, the only driving force is the fact that Weight Watchers and Insurance Companies and BMI Scales say I'm not in a healthy weight range yet, and the only reason I care is because I so desperately want to be a Weight Watchers Leader. Knowing full well it is something I will excel at, and that other people out there need me to finish my journey so I can help them with theirs. Also, getting to Goal Weight means I get to start a whole new chapter of Maintaining, something I'm very confident I can do with ease after all I've learned these past 2 years.

Nerdily, I've already started brainstorming tools I will use when I'm a leader. Apparently I'm quite confident they will want me. Immersing myself in that "life that will be" has been a fun experiment. I'm constructing meal planning worksheets with included grocery lists, goal setting journals and goal oriented calendars.

I also now know that giving myself a free pass to not exercise is a bad idea. That doesn't mean that when I feel sick I should go balls-out in a cardio class for an hour, but it does mean that I could leash up the dog and take him for a stroll. Anything to move and remember what I'm doing. It doesn't have to be about the Activity Points, just about my lifestyle. I know that when I'm moving, I'm on the right track.

What are some of the fail-safe strategies you use to stay on track?


Sonya said...

As usual, great post. I'm taking a leaf out of your book this week.

Two things are a MUST for me: the meal plan, and finding work for those idle hands.

As for the exercise, it only works for me if I plan my sessions during the week. If I leave it up to myself as to "how I feel" on a given night, it'll never happen.

Oh, and if you lived closer to me I would totally join WW just so you could be my leader!

Rebecca said...

damn...a shame you live so much further from me.. i'd totally hire you!!

i dont really have a meal plan but i do log my points for the next day the night before. gives me a rough idea of what i plan on eating and how many points i am using.

my workouts are already written in stone. i made that happen when i first started my routine.

i'm becoming more and more of a believer that weight-loss happens in the kitchen and not in the gym, so i totally think people need to wrap their heads around watching what goes into their bodies more so than trying to sweat it out in the gym.

nic said...

Rebecca: I totally agree that the food portion is most important to Weight Loss on it's own. My (personal) journey is about so much more than that, and fitness REALLY keeps me on track because it builds my confidence and strength all at once. It makes me want to FUEL my body rather than "eat."

Does that make more sense?

jen said...

I don't know any runners who also smoke -- I'm weirdly impressed that you can do both. I wish you good luck with quitting. I just came from my parents' house. Both of them smoke, and now my hair, clothes, and everything STINK of the stuff. I spent my whole childhood smelling like this but never realized it because it was just always around.

jen said...

P.S. posted my comment on the wrong post. Also realized I might have sounded snotty with the "smoking stinks" stuff. I applaud you for deciding to quit, but like I said, am pretty amazed that you could run and smoke. I had a friend who took up running to try to quit smoking. After about a week I asked how it was going. He said, "it's a lot easier to quit running than to quit smoking."